healthy_eatingIf you are expecting a baby and are trying to focus on healthy eating for your baby’s health, you might be wondering what foods to avoid in pregnancy from the Christmas buffet.
One of the first things we are told when pregnant is to avoid cheese such as brie or camembert when pregnant.
In fact, if the cheese is Australian you can rest assured that it is pasteurised which means you can actually pop some onto your cracker.
It’s the cheeses from overseas that you need to be mindful of – and of course if you are away from home you have no way of knowing for sure where the cheese is from. So if in doubt, leave it out.
Always try to keep your portions in check and mix up the cheese with some fresh fruit (grapes go well) to go with it.
Raw egg is one of those foods to avoid in pregnancy. It is not recommended when pregnant due to the potential for salmonella, so it’s best to avoid things such as home made mayonnaise, home made ice cream (much of it has raw egg in it), and mousse.
Why not try some healthy eating egg-free alternatives such as yoghurt or sour cream instead of mayo, home made sorbet instead of ice cream, and some healthy eating chocolate mousse that leaves the egg in the fridge.
Seafood doesn’t need to be completely off the menu. Certain types need to be avoided, such as anything raw, oysters, sashimi, or raw prawns. Simply choose the cooked options such as grilled fish, tuna steaks, baked salmon, BBQ’d prawns or grilled calamari.
When it comes to the meats (hot or cold) such as turkey, chicken, beef or lamb – you can tuck in safely so long as the meat has been well cooked. When pregnant our immune system doesn’t work as well as it usually does, which means you are more susceptible to food poisoning if something isn’t quite right.
Ensure that prepared healthy eating salads and cold meats are well refrigerated before use to avoid the chance of food poisoning. Leftovers shouldn’t be eaten if they have been sat on the bench for too long as they could contain harmful bacteria.
Mocktails and punches are a great way to be part of the fun at Christmas without the excess alcohol content of a traditional cocktail.
Blend up some frozen fruit (think mango or watermelon) with some fresh lime, ice and a splash of coconut milk to make a creamy fruit sensation that will keep you cool and refreshed.
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