A philosopher once said, that “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a single step.”  This single step can somehow prove to be the most difficult to take as mums would usually have all the tools to lose weight quickly, and have the necessary diet as well as advanced weight loss programs available but still fail to actually start following their weight loss plans.
If this is you, we would like you to know that you are not alone.  Properly losing weight especially after pregnancy takes a lot of time and dedication.  It takes more than the right information and the right recipe to bring you to your target weight.  Losing weight may be a long road ahead, but it all starts with the right motivation to lose weight.
Before you focus on your weight loss plans, find the right motivation to train and eat healthily first.  Here are a few tips to help you find your motivation to start your journey.
Finding the right motivation will be your psychological and emotional fuel to carry you through your program and help you achieve your goal.  And it all starts when you decide and tell yourself that losing weight and living healthy happens now.

Top Motivation Tips

1)      Find a support group in your area – this could be a group of mums in the same situation as you or it could be one of the Lose Baby Weight exercise group directory services that provides the contact details of various exercise groups across Australia.  We have compiled a list of exercise groups from all over that cater to new mums and their needs.  We believe that this would be a valuable resource for all new mums looking to get fit and healthy because we believe in properly motivating new mums.  Find a fitness group that regularly meets up in an accessible location to you.  Contact these fitness groups on their mobile phones, emails or websites.  Find a good group, or probably a good fitness coach.  But most importantly, find a new friend.  Find that fellow mum who is finding ways to live healthy and lose weight just like you.  Forge new friendships and establish new bonds.  Experts have often advised on the success of a workout if done with a group or a partner as your partner becomes your silent motivator to achieve your goals.  You can even take your activities to the next level by challenging each other, or challenging other groups in your exercise routines.
2)      Have Clear & Progressive Goals –  Getting fit and living healthy can sometimes be vague as your definition of healthy and fit may be totally different from your friends and colleagues.  Think of the most ideal weight you want to achieve.  Know how much kilometers you will walk tomorrow.  Find out how frequently you can do your sun salutations in your living room while your bub is playing.  Write these all down on paper and place it on a highly visible spot.  Post it on your fridge or counter and update this regularly.  This should act as the road map of where you are and will provide you with clear direction on where you want to be.
3)      Reward Yourself For Every Goal Reached – Think of a personal reward for every goal post reached and reward yourself for achieving your goal.  Your reward could be a movie with your friends, a romantic time with your partner, a copy of your favourite magazine and many more.  Mentally remind yourself that you deserve this reward because you have achieved your goal.  Doing this as a habit transforms these rewards as something you are psychologically and emotionally looking forward to, when you need to draw motivation to exercise.
4)      Talk About Your Struggles and Your Triumphs – You seldom realise it, but a lot of people want to be involved in your struggles and your triumphs.  Talking about your goals helps take off the pressure of trying to achieve them.  Verbalising your plans to your friends and family allow them to emotionally support you as you strive to hit your goals.
Another philosopher once said that;  “The best time to pursue your dreams is now. “ So get that paper & write down your goals.  Choose the Lose Baby Weight Plan you want to start on. See our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan. Then decide what exercise you are going to committ to.  And you would have taken your first step and should be on your way to losing baby weight, and living a healthier lifestyle.