healthy foods for weight loss

As the cooler weather comes around all of our minds (and our taste buds) start thinking about warm and yummy foods that make us go ‘mmm’. The problem is that the search for the ‘mmm’ factor can be a dangerous, slippery slide to flabby thighs and bloated bellies.
The best way to lose weight (or to keep your weight off) is to have a simple list of yummy AND healthy foods that you can make whenever you get the urge. Let’s call it our personal healthy foods swap list.
Every time you start dreaming of a hot pudding or a steaming hot jacket potato you can use your swap list like an impenetrable barrier against winter weight gain.
If you’re unsure what foods to choose here are some ideas to get you started.

Make your own healthy foods swap list:

  • What are your favourite foods? Write them down.
  • Decide if any of them have a place in your healthy eating plan?
  • Can they be a ‘sometimes’ food or an ‘almost never’ food?
  • Decide why you like that food. Is it the creaminess? The texture? The flavour?
  • Then you need to have a think about foods that fit the same kind of needs, but at a fraction of the kilojules.
  • Try our 7 Day Winter Warmer Weight Loss plan which shows you how to eat comfort foods and still lose weight
  • See our top ten food swaps here

Then, it’s just about swapping a naughty food for a nice-to-your- body food.
But the trick is that you need to enjoy your healthy food option. You shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out. Don’t forget that if you dislike what you’re eating then you are unlikely to stick to your pregnancy weight loss goals.

Protein first 

Protein sends a signal to your brain to decrease your hunger. It also is the building block for your muscles, and strong muscles means a faster resting metabolism. Protein also balances out your blood sugars so you won’t feel the usual sugar highs and lows quite so much.
But you don’t have to eat a slab of meat, anything with soybeans, nuts or whole-grains is a good source of protein too. If you want to learn more about a protein rich diet click here

5 x 5 Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. For 5 recipes with lentils click here
  2. For 5 recipes with spinach click here
  3. For 5 recipes with eggs click here
  4. For 5 recipes with tuna click here
  5. For 5 recipes with sweet potato click here

New 7 Day Winter Warmer Plan

Don’t forget we have now launched 7 Day Winter Warmer Plan. The 7 Day Plan will show you how to eat healthy and comfort foods over winter whilst still losing weight and has a daily plan to follow for 7 days, plus a shopping list and over 35 recipes included so that you are inspired to eating healthy this winter and can see what a difference 7 days of healthy eating can make! You can see it here

Food diary & checklist

If you’re changing your food habits you’ll probably need a bit of help to make it routine. Try this free weekly food diary to track exactly what you are putting into your body. It will be a great reminder to start swapping naughty for nice. You’ll feel more accountable for your weight loss and it will give you the reasons behind your weekly success or tough weeks.
And don’t forget to join up to our FREE members weight loss tracking area so you stay motivated this winter