My kids are aged 7 and 4 and I can’t believe it is only now that I am starting to look after myself.
A year after my youngest was born I weighed 25kg more than before I was pregnant with my first and for a long time it didn’t bother me. I just figured that this was a normal part of getting older and being a mum.
Losing your old body and gaining a new and rounder one was part of life and as I had two beautiful children I didn’t care. So I chose to ignore all adverts or business’ that were anything weight loss focused and instead was happy with my extra weight. But after a few years and getting older I started to notice that having the energy to chase my kids around was fading and then I went to a friend’s wedding and when I saw the pictures I was barely recognisable as the old me from before.
So that is when I decided to look after myself better and be healthier. I was determined not to go on a ‘diet’ in the aim of chasing the number on the scales, but instead I started to live a healthier life and do more exercise to feel better – and if looking better was a bonus of this then great.
I must admit it was harder than I thought. All my bad habits of years gone by were hard to kick and so many so called ‘diets’ banned foods which I hated. Then by chance I stumbled across the Lose Baby Weight site – and although my ‘babies’ were not strictly babies any more I decided to give it a go after liking the healthy eating approach and plans.
That was 3 months ago and I feel like a new person! I started on the 28 day diet and exercise plan then last month started having the healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast. And I just love it.  Everything tastes great. There is no banning of food groups.
My family eat most of the foods and the exercises are easy. So far I have lost 10kg and although I am not chasing a number the absolute difference that losing 10kg has made me feel and look has spurred me on to lose more and I really hope to lose another 10kg by mid summer when we have a family holiday planned and I would LOVE for the first time in around 9 years to be able to wear swimmers on the beach!!
Thank you for creating such a great healthy eating plan and for providing such great support – I have also found the members area to be fantastic and it has really helped being able to track my progress each week.  And I promise that if I make it to my goal in the summer that I will send you a picture of me in my swimmers to you!  Thanks again Melinda”
This article was written by Melinda Brewster

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