too_tired_exerciseIt is 8.30am and you have already been up for 3 hours. You feel like a zombie.
Your eyes want to close, but you know that you have a whole day to stay awake to get through.
Your goal for the day is just to try and stay awake! Does this sound like your day?
This is a common experience for mums all over the country and when you feel like this it can seem an impossible and ridiculous expectation to think you will do any exercise.
So what is the answer? As if you are trying to lose pregnancy weight, although it is commonly thought that your diet accounts for 70-80% of your weight loss, any exercise you do can help to speed up the weight loss and help you tone up any jiggly areas.
The best advice we can give to you is to get out for a walk. Whether you stay in the house all day or go out – the situation is the same – i.e you will be tired!  And even though you may think “How am I going to stay awake today?”, if you make the decision to just put your trainers on, pop on a cap and sunnies (to hide the bad hair and dark circles of course) and get your bub in the pram you can be out in the fresh air feeling slightly more awake before you know it.
And although you may not think you have the energy, once you are out and doing some laps of your local park you WILL feel better and more awake.
And this exercise will not only be great for your body, health, fitness and post baby weight loss – it will also be great for your mental state and for a change of scenery. Plus you can arrange to meet a friend in a similar position too so you can both help eachother through the tough and tired times – and even have a giggle about it all.
So don’t worry about having energy for the gym or doing anything scary in energy terms – just aim for a daily walk and you will feel more awake and feel good that you are moving your body and helping to burn away some of those pesky calories!
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