lose_baby_weightWhen you stop and think about it, the fact that your body has made a baby is pretty amazing. Your body carried a whole little person around with you for 9 months.
So when we think of our post baby body, how come it fills so many of us with a sense of loathing?
The fact is, there are thousands of women who would give anything to have a post baby body to think about – but perhaps for them it hasn’t happened yet, or might never happen at all.
Today we wanted to give you a few good reasons to love what you see in the mirror in the lead up to summer. Check out these 5 affirmations that you can use to keep yourself motivated.
It’s not about looking like a model on the beach, it’s about loving yourself and your body.
It means nourishing your body with healthy food so that it can be fit, toned and strong enough to chase that little bundle of joy around.

‘I am a work in progress’

– and the work has started. Simply by being on this website, having our Healthy Mummy Smoothies, using our Summer Cookbook to try some new recipes, or by using our 28 Day Plan shows that you have made the decision to look after yourself and get healthy. So good for you!
Everything else that you do from here is just another step towards reach your goals, whether they are to do with weight loss, fitness levels, toning up or general health and well-being.

‘I made a person, and look how amazing they are’

And that little person wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So celebrate the fact that it was your body that made and birthed this gorgeous little creature.
Don’t give yourself a hard time if you aren’t perfect 100% of the time – you are human after all.

‘I choose to feed myself and my family with quality ingredients’

By choosing real food like fruit, veggies, lean proteins and lots of salads for your family you are giving them the best possible opportunity for a healthy future. And that future includes you being there to love and support them. And good news is that our smoothies contain wholefoods and are not like other ‘shakes’ – you can see why they are different and see the ingredients here
Make time to do outdoor activities with your family, whether it’s a trip to the beach, a family bike ride or just a run around at the playground.

‘I don’t need to use junk food to make myself feel good – I already feel good’

Your moods and emotions are linked with what you put inside your body. So when you start eating well and moving more, you will no doubt begin to feel the positive benefits on your emotional state.
Whenever you are tempted by less than healthy choices, think about how they make you feel afterwards. Often we forget the feelings of nausea or how it feels to be uncomfortably full until after we have indulged.
But if you remember these before you decide what to eat, it will help to push you towards the better choices. But also remember that a treat is fine – and always go for quality – our favourite is dark chocolate.

‘My family need me, and I am worth every ounce of effort I put in to be healthy’

Sure it might mean that you need to spend time cooking instead of ordering in; you may need to arrange child care sometimes so that you can fit some exercise in; or you may even need to separate yourself from old friends that are unsupportive of your weight loss efforts.
Everything you do to get healthy is worth it, because your family need you to be there for them in your best state possible. They need a strong, confident mum who is full of energy and vitality.
But just remember, only think about losing weight when you feel 100% ready and aim for a healthy lifestyle versus any drastic diet. You can read more about being ready to lose weight here.
love your body
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