Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Emma’s Update

Well what a HUGE two weeks!! My little boy has certainly kept me busy and with having some medical issues it’s really been a fortnight that has tested my commitment to the program.
Luckily, I’ve tried to remember why I’m doing all this – to get back to leading a healthy lifestyle so I can be a good role model for the little one – and so far I have lost 8kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans
I’ve been doing the post pregnancy exercise DVD every third day, plus walking every day and running twice a week. Its really noticeable in how I look and feel – even if the scales don’t move that much.
At first the lack of movement on the scales was disheartening but then when I noted the reductions in my measurements and the fact that I was slipping back into my old clothes I realised that the work is paying off. Its just a matter of not giving in!
In terms of my meals, I’ve been using a combination of the 28 Day Diet and Exercise book and the Spring & Summer cookbook. This has given me great variety in my meals – to the point that my fiancé is starting to lose weight too as he only eats the meals I prepare.
That’s a big difference for us, as often the convenience factor of take-away was the reason why we were buying it and eating it so much. Not good for wallet or waistline. Now we enjoy preparing our food, buying fresh fruit and veg and eating simple, healthy meals!! The BBQ gets used so much more now as we head into Summer too!!
I guess the biggest thing I would say in this update is that you have to believe and keep at it. The scales can be your worst enemy – but those measurements and progress photos are great tools for tracking how well you’re going and keeping you motivated. To me, they’ve been lifesavers and allowed me to realise that losing weight and getting healthy is less about a number and more about confidence, tone and overall fitness levels.
See you in two weeks!! Emma  xxoo
START (post birth)                            START (on LBW program)            1st BLOG (1 month on LBW)
Bust – 107cm                                           103cm                                                                           94cm
Waist – 97cm                                            90cm                                                                              78cm
Hips – 116cm                                           110cm                                                                           105cm
Thighs – 67cm                                         65cm                                                                              58cm
Weight – 93kg                                         82kg                                                                               77kg
NOW (6 weeks on LBW)

  • Bust – 91cm
  • Waist – 73cm
  • Hips – 103cm
  • Thighs – 57cm
  • Weight – 74kg

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