Emma Doolan is a Mum of 3 under 4 years and has lost an amazing 15kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and becomes a Motivating Mum for March.


Hi Mummy’s
I’m very excited to be a Motivating Mum for March!
I am a full time mum of 3, all aged 4 and under, my youngest is 6mths old, so things can get pretty hectic in our household.
I gained a lot of weight during my last pregnancy, and unfortunately the weight hasn’t just fallen off. I’ve had to work hard at it, and with a baby with reflux and 2 other young children at home it has been a little challenging at times!
I started using Healthy Mummy Smoothies about 5 moths ago. I was finding it difficult to prepare nutritious meals for myself while breastfeeding a newborn and looking after my 2 other children and I really wanted to start shifting the weight.
I love the shakes, I have one every day for lunch. It’s just so easy to throw everything in the blender and whizz it up, and voila! I’ve found so many yummy shake recipes on the website too, but my favorite has to be the Chocolate Snickers recipe, absolutely delicious!
In November last year I joined the 28 Day Challenge, and was wrapped with the recipes and the meal plans! Being able to customise the meal plans is wonderful, makes life easier! I have learnt so much from being a challenge member and part of the Facebook page, my diet has changed dramatically.
I use to over eat at every meal and snack on sweets and pastries. I’m now much more on top of my potion sizes and I’ve found plenty of healthy recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth in the challenge hub! My kids love the sweets recipes too, and I don’t feel bad giving it to them as I know it’s healthy.
I’m over the moon with my results so far, I’ve lost 15kgs! I still have another 9kgs to go, I’m sure the March 28 Day Challenge will take care of a few of those kgs!!
I’m feeling so much more confident and I have so much more energy now that I am eating better. I’m now so close to fitting in my pre pregnancy clothes, won’t be long!!
I’m SO excited to be a Motivating Mummy for this month, prepare to be motivated ladies!!
Emma Doolan
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