Deciding to follow a healthy eating diet plan is a big decision but making a lifestyle change like this is one of the best ways to lose weight and you’ll find you’ll gain so much – confidence, energy, happiness, to name a few. Emily has been following the Lose Baby Weight plans since early 2014 and has lost 15kgs and gained so much more.
My Lose Baby Weight journey started six weeks after I had my son in Feb 2014.  I was desperate to find something to help me shed weight and help me get my health back.  I put on over 12kg during my pregnancy and had extra weight to shift on top of this to get back into my healthy weight range.  I also managed to gain several kilos in the first few months post birth as I adjusted to life with a newborn, established breast feeding, dealt with the sleep deprivation and lack of time for “ME”.
I began making small lifestyle changes with advice from the Lose Baby Weight website over the first 6 months which helped me lose the first few kilos. In September 2014 and later with the help of the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, I really knuckled down and lost 9.5 kilos in three months following the Lose Baby Weight way of life.
28 day challenge
I love that Lose Baby Weight is something we do as a family.  We eat healthy and delicious food every day that isn’t hard to prepare.  Due to the variety of recipes and ideas shared by other mums, I am always learning and trying new things.
Words cannot describe how healthy and happy I feel to have lost my baby weight plus an extra 5.5 kilos, a total of 15kg!  The Lose Baby Weight program has taught me so much about making smart food choices, tips on exercising from home, and has ignited my passion for wellness and nutrition.
I never thought I could do it, but now that I am well on my way I am feeling so proud. Thank you Lose Baby Weight for inspiring me to be the best healthy mum and role model to my young son I possibly can be.
Emily Lorenzo
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