Hi I’m Eleanor, a mum of 3 girls 8, 3, and 1. I am 32 and after my daughter Layla was born on April 19th 2012 I weighed just over 100kgs, due to many reasons.
You can see my past posts on the Lose Baby Weight website under the Motivating Mum section.


My main problem since my now 3 year old was born was not eating properly even now sometimes I can go till after school pick up till I sctually feel hungry!!!  I just forget mainly and get busy and distracted with the girls, also after feeding everyone I honestly can’t be bothered eating food myself.
So just after Layla was born I brought my first Healthy Mummy smoothie and instantly I loved them. I had been following Lose Baby Weight on Facebook whilst pregnant and loved seeing the results and hearing story’s of real mum’s following the Lose Baby Weight program.
Since then I have been following the LBW 28 day plan and smoothies for just over a year now, I love the simplicity and the no quick fix approach of the lbw program and how I don’t have to join a gym or eat bland or boring food or starve myself to get results and I can easily fit it in to my busy life, the recipes are yummy!! And easy and even the kids and hubby love them.
Today I am down to 74.1kgs,  I have been really struggling with the last 10kg and I’d love to be 69 kgs thats my ultimate goal and this last 10kg has been coming off very slowly and is really fustrating!
So I am back in August to be a Motivating Mum to share my story of this last 5 kgs I want to lose 🙂  Hopefully I can inspire and encourage you towards your goal.  And at the same time you guys can keep me motivated and accountable towards mine 🙂  xxoo
Eleanor Hannah
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