My name is Kat Brown and I have been following the Lose Bay Weight healthy eating plan for over 12 months and today I am sharing one of my favourite post workout breakfast/lunch.  You can read my latest update here.
Eggs are such a great food for you to include into your healthy diet, especially after a workout.
This meal ticks all of the boxes for me as healthy energy boosting post workout meal as it has loads of protein, leafy greens, good fats and healthy carbs and it is super quick to make!


  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 slice Wholemeal Toast
  • 1 cup lightly steamed Kale
  • 30 grams Reduced Fat Feta
  • 2 tbps Avocado


  • Poach eggs using desired method (stove top or microwave)
  • While eggs are poaching steam your kale and toast your bread
  • Once all are cooked you are ready to assemble
  •  Spread avocado on top of toast
  • Top the toast with your poached eggs
  • Place Kale on the side
  • Crumble your Feta over the entire dish and serve

Serves 1
Calories per serve 350
Kat Brown – You can read my latest update here.
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