Lose_baby_weightYikes – Easter is here and that means temptation in the form of chocolate EVERYWHERE!!  Why is it that it is sooo hard to lose weight but to gain the weight back just takes a couple of days of munching on Easter Eggs – life can be so unfair!
But to be forewarned is to be forearmed so let’s make Easter 2012 one that you DON’T gain weight and throw your lose baby weight campaign off its tracks.
Firstly, make sure you are eating enough food so you are not hungry during the day and then get tempted by the chocolate lying around.

Then make sure you are drinking your green tea during the day as that helps with appetite control and 1 x tbsp of cider vinegar before your meals has a weight loss boosting effect too.
Make sure your fridge is packed full of fruit and veg (see our top ten veggie list here) too and try and get your kids thinking about having a healthier Easter by making melted dark chocolate then dipping in chopped banana, strawberries and raspberries in – delicious and fun and much more exciting then a plain old egg!
If you must have an Easter Egg of some sort then below are some of the better ones to go for:

  • A mini cadburys cream egg – approx 170 cals
  • Kit kat chunky Easter egg – The medium size 120g egg from Nestle contains 708 calories. Just don’t eat the whole egg in one sitting!
  • Cadburys mini eggs A 40g bag of mini eggs contains 170 calories.

So how can you curb chocolate cravings this easter?

  1. Try a dark chocolate egg with 80% cocoa Dark chocolate contains less calories than milk chocolate and gives you the chocoate fix your body craves – plus is actually good for you as is full of antioxidants.
  2. Allow yourself a couple of pieces of chocolate and then put it away and remove the temptation altogether.
  3. Drink green tea – and lots of water
  4. Do something else to distract yourself
  5. Eat lots of protein so you don’t confuse cravings with hunger

And finally if you do indulge what are some exercises you can do to burn off the calories?

  • Lindt Gold Bunny (100g) 540 cals – 45 min Zumba
  • 1 Cadbury Crème Eggs (40g) 170 cals – 30 min fast walk
  • Dairy milk chocolate  (100g) 600 cals – 35 min run
  • Hot cross bun (70g) 250 cals – 30 min dancing

Good luck and have a fab Easter and if you want to see our two Easter Weekend Menus with lots of low fat recipes to try then click here