Hi Lose Baby Weight team!
This is my first time checking in since being on the Lose Baby Weight plans but I’m so excited to share with you my weight loss progress and figure “you’ve got to be in it to win it!”.
So here I am, 15.2kg down since beginning your weight loss program on 12th August, 2013. It’s been a gradual process but there have been so many times where my head has been in and out of the game. Now that I’ve got a great “system” in place, my mind and body just work together:)
Measurements August 2013:

  • Weight: 98.1kg (height 165cm)
  • Bust: 108cm
  • Waist: 99cm
  • Hips: 117cm
  • Thighs: 61cm

March (2nd 2014):

  • Weight: 82.9kg (height 165cm)
  • Bust: 99cm
  • Waist: 85cm
  • Hips: 104cm
  • Thighs: 51cm

That’s a loss of 15.2kg and 46cm off my body!!!!!
I need to add that at the start (August-November) I was doing 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day and “sort of” following the meal plan, so I only “sort of” lost weight (4.4kg).
Come November, I really got my head in the game and have 1 healthy mummy smoothie a day for breakfast and followed the recipes from the 28 day plan and the website-I love the recipes available on it!!!!
I’m also now training 6 days a week at an intermediate level which when I started, I didn’t exercise at all! Additionally, I’m a breast feeding mum to my gorgeous 8 month old daughter and have found the shakes increase my supply and take me through to lunch without feeling starving!
Davina Cossigny
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