Danielle explains how with the help of the Lose Baby Weight plans both her and her husband have been following healthy eating diet plans and exercising and have found the best ways to lose weight.
My name is Danielle and I’m so excited to be one of the June Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mums.
lose baby weight, best ways to lose weight, healthy mummy smoothiesI was out to lunch with my husband and our boys on the last day of our family holiday. My phone beeped with a new email. It was an email from the Lose Baby Weight team saying I had been selected to be one of the June Motivating Mums. I was instantly over the moon.
As a busy mum of 3 young boys (my 1 year old is still breastfeeding), the Lose Baby Weight Plans are perfect for my family and I. The healthy eating recipes are easy, affordable and family friendly.
In February this year I woke up one Friday morning and decided it was time to change some of our eating habits and shed some of our excess weight.
I pulled out my 28 day Lose Baby Weight plan and started looking at the recipes and writing down ideas. I took my weight and measurements and uploaded them onto my Lose Baby Weight Dashboard in the members section. I set myself a goal to lose 10.5kgs by my wedding anniversary at the end of May.
With the support of the Lose Baby Weight mums, my husband, my family and friends I managed to lose 12.8kgs and motivate others around me to make healthy changes and lose weight also. My husband even lost 10kgs!
In the month of June while being a Motivating Mum my goal is to lose 4kgs. I plan to follow the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan with a daily Healthy Mummy Smoothie and healthy treats from the Lose Baby Weight site and the baking book to meet my calorie requirements while breastfeeding.
I will complete the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVDat least 4 times a week and do a weights session at the local gym 2-3 times a week. I know with the support of the mums on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page, my husband, family and friends I can achieve my goal.
7th February 2014 Measurements:

  • Weight: 100.4kgs
  • Top of Belly: 97cms
  • Belly Button: 109cms
  • Hips: 120cms
  • Bum: 123cms

27th May 2014 Measurements:

  • Weight: 87.6kgs
  • Top of Belly: 87cms
  • Belly Button: 96cms
  • Hips: 105cms
  • Bum: 111cms

I look forward to my first check in.
Danielle Woodbridge
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