If you think it is time to bring out your dancing shoes, don’t forget to also pop out your baby’s dancing shoes so that both of you can boogie together!
Dancing is a fun and exhilarating post pregnancy weight loss exercise that increases your heart rate through movement, it burns major calories, and it tones and tightens your major muscles to help you get a trimmed silhouette.
It is also a great activity for your baby as they will get really excited by the music and the sight of your bopping and swaying to the rhythm of the beat.
Whatever your favourite groove is, dancing with your baby is great because it gives your baby the experience of lots of fun movement and stimulation even before he/she can start walking.
Not only that, holding and dancing with your baby also strengthens the bond between mum and child that will help you create a long-standing physical and emotional closeness.
There are a variety of dances and music available today that can help you lose baby weight but the most effective forms of weight-loss dance is hip-hop, synchronised jazz, and belly dancing. However, our goal here is also to have fun with the young bub so the most important thing is to put on any music that suits you and your baby’s mood!
Alternatively, if you are very keen on incorporating dance routines into your weight loss plans, you should enrol in a dance class at your local studio so that you can get help to achieve better results in your post pregnancy weight loss goals.
According to the Mayo Clinic, dancing is a weight loss activity that burns calories as much as walking, swimming and cycling does. So, why not spice things up a little bit in your workout routine and have some fun with your baby with a little bit of dance!
When spending a quality weekend at home with your young bub, start by choosing the music that both of you love to dance to. It could be anything from the disco days of ABBA to the more upbeat pop songs of today.
Depending on your baby’s age, you can carry your baby in your arms a start moving to the music and make sure you switch your baby’s positions sideways or upwards to give him/her a variety of movements! If your baby is old enough to stand up and dance, then just enjoy the time that you are spending together and rock your socks off.
To further help you with your weight loss plans and increase your daily vitality, our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan will ensure that you get the right amount of exercise and the proper diet you need. Alternatively, have a go at our delicious and nutritious Healthy Mummy Range and creative smoothie recipes.