For nearly 20 years I have struggled with losing my baby weight. My first child is 21 I lost everything bar the last 5kg then conceived my second who is now 19 – again I lost everything except for the last 5kgs.
The problem is I still had 5kg from my first baby so I was now 10 kilos heavier when I fell pregnant with my third baby I didn’t do too well after that kept a stubborn 5 kilos and was 15 kilos heavier than pre baby but I would fluctuate but never drop those 15 kilos…
I did Weight Watchers, Easy Slim I worked out at the gym I ate ridiculously low calorie or just soup but nothing satisfied kept me motivated or gave me the energy to keep me going…
12 years on and I yearned for a baby and was blessed but with good comes bad and yet another 5 kilos 🙁
I have tried everything but it all has failed as my energy levels could not cope added to having diabetes I knew this weight had to go but when you eat less you have less energy…
Then along comes the Lose Baby Weight plans and those delicious healthy mummy smoothies I have been blending a morning smoothie for a little over a few weeks and my energy has tripled my clothes are looser and I have so much motivation and I have now lost 2.9kg!!!
Thank you Lose Baby Weight and I especially enjoy the emails being motivated helps to keep me going
From Coralie
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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