I have been on the Lose Baby Weight post pregnancy weight loss plan for a month and so far have lost 3 kilos.
It probably could have been more but I was sick for a week in the middle. The weird illnesses your kids pass you…
I am a mother of 2.5 year old twins. They are the most amazing little beings, but obviously as both me and my husband work full time, our life is pretty busy!
I gained a lot of pregnancy weight, mostly in the last 2 months. I could not move anymore I was very heavy and tired.I put on more than 20 kilos!
Most of this extra weight disappeared very quickly after the birth though, but there was always the last 5 kilos to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Also my body shape has changed a lot and I am not so happy with it anymore.
A friend recommended the Lose Baby Weight program and what has struck me was how easy it was. Being very busy, I find it invaluable to be able to take care of my breakfast and lunch with the healthy mummy smoothies. They are delicious and so easy to make.
I just have them in the office along with snacks in the morning and afternoon. I am never hungry on this program. Already after 2 weeks people were commenting that I look like I have lost weight and my clothes all feel too wide (Which is a GREAT feeling!!).
Another great benefit that I should point out is that I used to drink 4 coffees a day, and now I replaced them with green tea. It is amazing how easy that was. I never thought I could drop my coffees but that was no problem at all. I think I really needed just something warm to sip on. I still do have a coffee every third day or so.
The other benefit is the MONEY I am saving! outside of the 4 coffees a day (that’s almost 200 dollars a month!), I also don’t buy lunch in town anymore, which saves me another 200 dollars a month.
But for me what has really made this program work, is that you can still live a normal life and enjoy food. I love food. I really appreciate that I can be creative with my snacks, and the recipes on the website are great. My husband loves them too. I have still gone out for dinner twice during this last month and enjoyed it tremendously, including wine, and I have still lost weight during these weeks. It does not feel like a diet at all, it feels more like you’re doing yourself a favour and doing your body some good.
So thank you so much for this great program and keep up the good work! Claire Shelswell
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