Claire has been following the healthy eating diet plans and 28 Day Challenge from Lose Baby Weight since September 2014 and has lost 23kgs. She couldn’t be happier and updates us on her journey:
Hi Ladies,
Thought I would give an update on my weight loss journey. For those that haven’t been following my journey, I started Lose Baby Weight on the 1st Sept 2014 weighing in at 88kg.
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I was depressed, lacked self-confidence and pride, to the point that intimacy with my husband pretty much didn’t exist. I had to do something about it. I found Lose Baby Weight and I am thankful every day that I discovered such an amazing company that supports Breastfeeding mums (and mums in general) in their weight loss journey in a healthy manner.
I have lost 23kg to date and couldn’t be happier! I’ll be honest my weight loss began to slow down in January as I was fast approaching returning back to work after my maternity leave was ceasing. The stress and anxiety of returning back to work played a huge role in causing me to plateau.
Although I was eating relatively healthy those odd hastily made decisions to grab take away really did slow progress. The key is to keep pushing through! I wasn’t happy that I wasn’t at goal weight so I knew I couldn’t give up. I had to be a role model to our daughter and show that just because something gets tough doesn’t mean you give up. I couldn’t revert back to the way I used to live. Eventually by clean eating and increasing water intake and shaking up the exercise routine I managed to push past that plateau.
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It’s not all about the weight fading away (although that is amazing) but rather what I have gained from my journey. I have gained intimacy back in my marriage, I have gained confidence in myself and walk a little taller and have a million more selfies stored on my phone LOL! I have gained self-respect and pride, meaning I now shave my legs more than once a week as I now see that I’m worth putting some effort into.
As mums we often put ourselves last on the priority list. We can’t justify spending $$$ on a new dress or make up or getting our hair done but we can happily spend that $$$ on others in the family. Too often mums feel guilty for spending time exercising instead of playing or looking after the kids…. Well DON’T! There’s no need to feel guilty. Get the kids involved. I run with our daughter in the pram and view it as… I’m exercising and she is getting out and about with some fresh air.
STOP putting yourself last! You deserve to be happy too.
So get out there and BE ACTIVE xxx
Claire Redshaw
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