Claire Redshaw has lost an incredible 18kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is back again to share her amazing inspiration as a Motivating Mum for February.credshaw

Hello Mummies,
I am thrilled to be a Motivational Mum (MM) for the month of February as I loved every minute of being a MM in November and December 2014.  I first discovered Lose Baby Weight when I was 5 months post-partum and was battling the bulge terribly. I was disgusted in the way I looked and felt a sense of shame. So I HAD to start getting healthy and active again.
Although, I started Lose Baby Weight Plans to lose weight and gain my self-confidence and respect back I predominately joined as our daughter was going to be turning 6 months shortly and that’s when we had decided to commence Baby Led Weaning (no purees, child feeds themselves).
Since baby led weaning concept is about skipping the puree stage and allowing the child to explore finger foods and ultimately they just eat what everybody else eats, my husband and I were adamant that our daughter was to eat healthy foods. Therefore, in order for that to occur, we had to dramatically change our own eating habits so we could be the best role models for our child and subsequently our future children.
Lose Baby Weight has enabled me to develop a knowledge base on healthy and wholesome foods that is child friendly, cheap and NOT time consuming! I have developed a true passion for healthy foods now and not only do my husband and I benefit but our daughter does also. This month is a HUGE milestone for myself, I am returning back to work as my maternity leave has unfortunately come to an end.
The idea of returning back to work causes me great anxiety, to the point that I have been recommend by specialists to commence anti-anxiety medications. The fact I have been offered medications as a first alternative to combat this mental health condition is concerning. I have refused to take medications as a first option (especially since I am still breastfeeding). Instead I wish to prove that I can manage and even improve my anxiety by simply eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. I am aware that many mums face the heartbreaking task of retuning back to work and my aim is to try and help these women through my own personal experience.
I find that to control my anxiety that organisation is THE KEY! Lots of preparation. A common saying in our house is Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. If you are organised then you are less likely to fail. This month as a Motivational Mum, I will be posting on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group child friendly lunchbox ideas.
I hope to inspire mums either returning back to work or mums that have just sent their children back to school for the new year, what can be prepared for their children in their lunchbox. I have no nutritional qualification however, have a passion for wholesome healthy foods for children. I am a firm believer that to turn around Australia’s obesity pandemic, then as adults and parents we MUST lead by example and provide guidance to our children about healthy eating and exercise.
We should be encouraging our children from a young age to eat healthy and be active as this is the foundation that they build their views and values around for later in life. So as a parent take a stand for your children and be the best role model you can be.
I started Lose Baby Weight on the 1st September 2014 at 88kg. I was unfit, unhealthy and VERY unhappy. Fast forward to 1st February 2015 and I currently weigh 70 kg coming to a total of 18 kg lost (and not something I will ever find again!). I have completed the September, November and January 28 Day Challenges so far and always have wonderful results.
LOSE BABY WEIGHT IS NOT A DIET! It is a lifestyle change that can be made to work in with YOUR FAMILIES needs, wants and desires and not to mention budget. The plans simply encourage healthy eating and getting active, that’s it! There’s NO SECRET to any of our MM weight loss journeys, there’s no magic pills, just the little bit of time and effort YOU put into YOU by YOU.
Lots of Love, Claire xx
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