Claire is excited that she decided to do something for herself and follow the healthy eating diet plans from Lose Baby Weight. Since starting on her new healthy lifestyle in January, she’s lost 21kgs.
lose_baby_weightI started my Lose Baby Weight journey in January 2014 with a then 4 year old and 1 year old.  My 2 children both have health issues which meant that getting out of the house and even leaving them alone with my husband was difficult.  I felt like my home was becoming a prison and I felt unhealthy and unhappy in my body.  Then I spotted the Lose Baby Weight products and plans on facebook, decided it was time to put myself first for once, and ordered the Starter Pack straight away!

I have food allergies to dairy, eggs and nuts which means following a strict food recipe plan is difficult, but I was SO relieved to find that the Lose Baby Weight smoothies are dairy, egg and nut free. 
Within 6 months I had lost 18kg, and now (as at Nov 2014) I have lost a total of 21kg by using The Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix as a lunch substitute (which is a LOT more nutritious than what I was having before – usually something like a ham sandwich) as well as using the website recipes which I could have, sometimes by substituting to my own dairy/egg/nut free alternatives.
I also joined a local gym which has a built-in creche, meaning I could workout whilst knowing I could be back to my son within minutes should he need me (due to health issues).  The Facebook group and regular emails have helped me to stay motivated and on track, knowing that I wasn’t alone in my journey back to health and fitness.

I have had so many comments from friends and family all wanting to know how I have lost so much weight.  I still have just over 3kg to go until I reach my goal weight, but with the Lose Baby Weight Facebook support group, the website tips, as well as my own perseverence, I know I will get there.

Thanks so much team!!
Claire Eveleigh

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