exercise_for_womenWe all know how important exercise is for health and weight loss. Whether you’re walking or jogging, heading off to a body attack class or hitting the cross trainer, there’s one piece of clothing that is essential. It’s the humble sports bra.
Whatever activity you’re doing, wearing a properly fitted sports bra is hugely important for the health and wellbeing of your breasts.
The actions involved in exercise cause your breasts to take a bit of a beating. Without proper support, breasts are prone to bounce around which is not only uncomfortable but can cause stretching and sagging. It’s been estimated that breasts can bounce up to 9cm during exercise (which just sounds painful!)
And the scary news? Once breasts have started sagging, it’s irreversible. This is why a good sports bra is so important. A crop top or underwire model that holds the breasts firmly in place minimises bouncing, preventing stretching and sagging from occurring and improving comfort levels to boot. This is especially important for breastfeeding women as their breasts are often slightly more tender and in need of extra support.
There’s a whole range of different styles and fits on the market, to suit a variety of different shapes and sizes. Use the following list to help you make the right choice.

Your sports bra buying checklist
  • Choose a bra that fits snugly. The bra should not restrict breathing or feel unnecessarily tight or cause chafing.
  • Check the outline. Your bra should be smooth, without bumps and bulges over the cups or around the back. If you’re bulging out, chances are you need a different size.
  • Check the straps. Your breast size will dictate how wide your straps should be. The larger your breasts, the wider the straps may need to be to offer enough support.
  • Select the best material. Sports bras are made from a range of different fabrics. Simple cotton blend models sit alongside styles made from high performance fabric that wicks sweat and moisture away from the body. Choose your fabric based on the type of activity you’re going to be doing i.e. yoga doesn’t require a high performance bra.
  • Consult a professional. Getting your bra professionally fitted is the best way to ensure the perfect fit. Many major department stores offer this service.
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