So the Jessica Simpson pregnancy weight loss campaign has already started and Weight Watchers are paying her big bucks to lose the weight and there are 101 articles out at the moment about how she will lose the weight and get back to her pre pregnancy figure.
I feel so sorry for the celebrities – yes they get paid lots of money but how hideous to have the world’s media watching you to see a) if you lose the weight b) how fast you lose it and c) how you did it.
As we all know being a mum caring for a new born is full on and taking care of something so small and defenceless is so stressful – and when you have a baby you really have a whole new set of priorities where now the safety and well being of your bub is number one.  So how depressing to have to worry about your weight just a few weeks after birth.
Weight loss post pregnancy is a very personal issue and for some mums it can be more than 12 months before they feel ready to lose the weight and for others it is a few months – but for celeb mums – think Victoria Beckham (literally a few weeks), Beyonce (back on stage in skimpy outfits a couple of months later), Hilary Duff (been seen hitting the gym every day) and now Jessica Simpson – they lose the weight in a matter of weeks and if they don’t lose it, then the media are quick to publish pictures of their ‘baby weight’ and now there seems to be an expectation that celebs must lose their weight as the media want those pictures!
An example of a celeb who did not conform to the pressure is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who had her baby in November and the media has recently been awash of pictures showing how she has still not lost her baby weight. Poor woman – I just hope that she is strong enough and sensible enough to ignore all the media and only think about losing any weight when she wants to – not because of the ridiculous media.
I also hope that mums don’t buy into the celeb weight loss pressure – I know from most of the mums we talk to that the crazily fast pregnancy weight loss that the stars lose is seen as very unrealistic and not something that non celeb mums worry about.
These celebs have nannies, night nannies, chefs, dieticians and personal trainers to have them able to focus on the weight loss and most new mums struggle to find the time to have a shower and tidy up – never mind going on a hard core weight loss campaign to lose all the weight in a few weeks!
So remember if you are looking at the pictures in the magazines of the new mum celebs – take it all with a pinch of salt as their lives and our lives are like comparing apples to oranges and I for one would not trade that pressure for all their money and losing any weight is best done at your own pace and in your own time.