Hi Mums!!! My name is Cat and I have lost 30kgs* with Lose Baby Weight. Today I wanted to talk about meeting your calorie needs and my opinion/views on this.
Lose baby Weight-30kg Loss
Have you recently calculated your BMR and your jaw fell open at the amount of calories your body NEEDS per day? You’re not alone!
There have been lots of questions on the National Lose Baby Weight & Healthy Mummy Facebook Page about how to meet calories needs per day and lots of mums worried about making this a sustainable change.

Sometimes the thought of meeting your calories needs per day can become very overwhelming when using the Lose Baby Weight Calculator– , especially if like most of us, you had grown up with the “1200 calories a day” number or “rule of thumb”.
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Thankfully (because let’s face it, I LOVE food), research and science has proven eating to fuel your body’s needs and activity levels is done with daily calorie counts above 1200. This of course depends on your age, your weight, whether or not your breastfeeding and how active you are.
You may find yourself around 1500-1600 calories or like me, 1800 calories or more.
If this number seems overwhelming to begin with, that’s okay! But remember, its do-able!
Especially if you are breastfeeding it is so important to meet your calories needs to keep your metabolism firing and keeping up with your milk supply.
Foods that are naturally higher in calories can be included in your meal plan to increase your calories to help meet your daily total- Brown Rice, Quinoa, Salmon, Olive Oil, Nuts, Nut Butters, Chia seeds, Avocado, Wholemeal pasta, Wholegrain breads, Seeds, Beans/Lentils & Oats.
You’ll be surprised how quickly you can meet your calories needs per day by incorporating these foods into your meal plan.
Don’t become overwhelmed with your calorie needs, take it one meal at a time and remember, wholesome goodness! Keep it simple and fresh.
I hope this helps as it sure has helped me!!
Cat xxx
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Tawhai Lost 46kgs* with the 28 Day Challenges
Lose Baby Weight-46kg Loss
Tawhai says: “Before the 28 Day Challenges regularly after a busy day I wouldn’t be organised and we would have takeaway.
Now I customise the meal plan on Sunday night and do our shopping online for collection Monday morning.
It saves time running around the supermarket and it also stops junk food sneaking in the trolley. I write up the meal plan and stick it to the fridge so I know exactly what we are having each day, it makes life so much easier.
If you are thinking about joining the 28 Day Challenges definitely give it a go, you won’t regret it at all!”