Cat has lost 30kgs since following the Lose Baby Weight plans and loves the healthy eating diet plans and exercise challenges as she finds them one of the best ways to lose weight. She talks here about how you need to stop and reflect on everything you’ve achieved, not just the weight loss, throughout your journey as you’ll find you’ve learnt so many great things.
Hey Mummies,
So! I’m still currently sitting around the 73kg mark. My training has been changed slightly- I’m adding more strength training to my routine. Although it’s disappointing the scales aren’t moving I’m trying to roll with the fitness and health improvements and not the scales.


I’m so excited to have signed up for Zumba training for early February. As most of you know I did my Les Mills body step training about 10 months ago and have noticed a dramatic change in both my fitness and body shape since taking on being a group fitness instructor. My pics are from last year just before starting with Lose Baby Weight and losing over 30kg using the 28 day weight loss challenge and the healthy mummy smoothies –  the others are from last week 🙂
I know when beginning your journey or when you are a stand still either scale wise or motivation wise, the road ahead seems so long and overwhelming.  I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and realisations over the last few days that have really reaffirmed to me that the small changes really do all add up and hope if you’re struggling this may help you.

I have learnt so much from using the Lose Baby Weight tools and the 28 day weight loss challenge and everything I have learnt has been beneficial to not only myself but my kids and husband too.
Hubby was only saying the other night that he can’t believe how much his eating has changed and how many different kinds of foods he eats now. He commented that he remembers his mum using a lot of frozen vegies for steam vegies and that he thought it was awesome I was standing there chopping green beans to steam and not using the packaged stuff.
It’s small things like that, that really hit home for me, knowing that it all really does pay off! He wasn’t the most keen candidate when one of the 28 day weight loss challenge included asparagus! But to his surprise he enjoyed every mouthful and even requested the meal again the following week. He later mentioned the asparagus he had had as a child was tinned and he didn’t like the taste. All I did with mine was trim the bottom and stirfry with a tiny bit of garlic infused olive oil with broccoli and snow peas. I’ve learnt simplicity though Lose Baby Weight. It’s kept my meals super quick but also tasty and nutritious!
My kids not only get the health benefits from the things I’ve learnt but they also share the education of health and fitness. My 2 year old was playing with a puzzle that was fruit and veggie puzzle pieces and he knew 90% of them! The 2 he missed he used ‘pineapple’ and ‘melon’ as a guess. Again, it was a small thing like that, that shows me how far we have come as a family and how grateful I am for everything I’m showing my kids.
For myself, I can’t believe how many different things I eat and even enjoy compared to before using the Lose Baby Weight programs and tools.  Salmon, berries, Greek yoghurt, almond milk, tuna, asparagus and cabbage are just a few of the food items I NEVER used to eat but are a regular part of my diet now! And I enjoy it too.
I am so thankful for the knowledge I have gained through my Lose Baby Weight journey!
Cat Christ

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