Cassandra Davidson Mum of 3 girls shares her amazing weight loss story and how she tackles everyday life and injuries from a car accident. Follow Cassandra as she takes on being a Motivating Mum for October!
I had always told myself that “at least I’m not like REALLLY big… There are so many people so much bigger than me” “this will be the last take away…”
The list goes on.
Who was I kidding??? I was so broken on the inside.
That honestly never made me feel better, even though I thought at times it did…
When I found out I was pregnant at 18, with my first baby I was so excited. But absolutely DREADING my first clinic appt because I knew you had to be weighed. This was something I had avoided for many years!!!!
I was absolutely gobsmacked when they read out the digits. 125.5kgs!!
It was then that my life began to change…. Massively! It was like that little fire inside was just ignited! I was SUCH a happy new mum & was totally in love with my baby girl… but  that same feeling never left me… I was not happy as Cassie.
I didn’t have to just do it for me anymore, but to be a role model to my daughter. (And that has continued as I have 3 girls now & in today’s society that to me is incredibly important).
Well in that first photo, I’m holding my first born at just a few weeks of age. When my journey REALLLLLLY began!
All of that started 6 years ago.
It’s been a VERY long, bumpy journey. Life has thrown me so many curve balls. I have had two more precious girls in the meantime, & had a severe car accident in the early stages of my second pregnancy (baby was fine, thank God) but I did however, end up with some lifetime injuries in my neck & throughout my mid & lower back . Some days or even some weeks effect me more than others. Then other weeks I have an incredible will power that takes over.
I’ve yo-yo’d with my weight many times, put on with my pregnancies then fought really hard after to get it back off. When I fell pregnant that second time, I sort of took a back seat & told myself that once I’d had her, I’d work hard again. I hit 77kgs one year after having my second daughter, then put on a lot of weight once again with my next pregnancy (fell pregnant just as I had hit that weight, so close to my BIG goal… of course)
I put on around 25kgs I think…
My ultimate goal (I set 6yrs ago) was to get to 70kgs. Which I still am aiming for. Firstly, I’d love to hit 75kgs! Over the 6yrs, including all that yo-yo’ing I have had a total loss of 40kgs (that is from my biggest to my current weight from Monday’s weigh in)!!!!
The other two photos are my comparison shots from sept 1st – the start of the challenge & the 2nd photo is nearly at the end of the September Challenge.
I’ve had a loss of 2.5kgs since the 28 Day Challenge began and have lost a total of 17cms all over.
In November last year I found Lose Baby Weight. I had heard lots of positive feedback about the plans, the Healthy Mummy Smoothies & most of all the support. I thought, why not “give it a crack” to get back on track after having my third baby earlier that year (in July)
I began by taking on a 28 Day Challenge & also the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
I did the first big shop, had it all ready for week one but unfortunately things didn’t stick to plan. I was overwhelmed with life adjusting to working & raising 3 little girls full time. And sadly I put that aside & it slowly got lost amongst the chaos.
I continued the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for a further 5 weeks as they were great, I was having them every day for breakfast, but I was still not eating as well as I could have, and kept using breastfeeding as an excuse to need to eat more. It isn’t until now that I realise I was in fact not eating enough, but was also not eating a well balanced diet when I was just consuming the smoothies.
We then, again, ended up with a lot of sickness in the home and my littlest one ended up in hospital very sick and stayed for nearly one week. This threw EVERYTHING off balance, and from there I just could not seem to find my feet.
Losing weight yet again took a back seat, although I continued to exercise when I could & still ate fairly well. I always received the encouraging emails from Lose Baby Weight since joining & also tried many, many of the recipes!!!
I managed to get down to 83kgs earlier this year. And had also joined with a personal trainer to strengthen my core. Something that was recommended to aid my abilities with the injuries I have.
Then again, after being struck with sickness & back in hopsital {for a third time this year} with my baby girl, that took a back seat once again!!!
And I slowly snuck back up to 88kgs. When I had finally gained the courage to step on the scales I had a big cry about it…. I was working so hard, but things just kept getting in the way! I was so good at putting everyone else first, but why not myself? In August, I continued to see the new “September Challenge” advertised & kept pushing that aside until I decided NO! I need to put me first sometimes. And that it is ok to do so, and that it would also benefit my family.
I have been blessed with an amazing hubby who has always been 100% supportive and he was more than happy for us to give it a go together.
So I joined up!
I have not once looked back. It’s never seemed too hard. It is so easy to follow & the advice, stories, information, support & ease of access is incredible.
I joined the Facebook Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group when I joined the 28 Day Challenge; what an amazing group of ladies!!!
I have made so many mental & lifestyle changes towards food & how I feel about myself this past month & I can’t imagine looking back again.
I have learnt that eating well & living a healthy lifestyle is not actually a chore, it doesn’t have to be “something you are doing right now.”  In fact the word lifestyle change means changing your life in a way that becomes how you live. I have gained incredible knowledge so far & I know it will continue to nourish as I continue exploring & experimenting more with the help of the Lose Baby Weight programs & 28 Day Challenges.
This is the path to my goals being met & I am so excited for what the next month holds.
I have gained the ability to make healthy choices & see just how easy it actually is.
I can FINALLY see that big ol’ light at the end of the tunnel.
After 6 years my goal doesn’t feel like an eternity away…
My advice? Keep on fighting! You ARE worth it. And YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! Look back at where you began! Take progress photos & measure up!
For me, looking back at all of that reminds me of that little spark that ignited all those years ago when I decided to change my life.
Much love to all of you beautiful ladies.
Cassandra Davidson
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