Carmen Chong Nee has lost an incredible 22kgs from following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans.
Hello to all you Beautiful Healthy Mummy’s! Yes YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
Lose Baby Weight-20kg lossEarlier this week I realised I only had 12 weeks left until my 1 year mark since finding Lose Baby Weight and starting my health and weightloss journey. And when I realised this, I realised although I’ve lost an awesome 22kgs since finding Lose Baby Weight in July 2014, I wasn’t quite where I had hoped where I would be. Instead of letting this get me down I let this be my motivation to analyse where I’m at, what I’m doing, and where I can improve.
Today I want to share how I have been able to get out of a slump with my workouts. When I started my journey I was going to a boot camp 3 times a week. Being accountable to my PT and having those regular booked in workouts helped motivate me to keep up with all my other workouts too. I was working out regularly and consistently. Due to budget constraints I had to pull out of boot camp. Then we moved. Then I found out about my prolapse and the excuses were all over the show.  I was still working out here and there, but it wasn’t consistent and I wanted that motivation and consistency BACK!!!! So how could I do this????
Lose Baby Weight 5 stars Along my way I have discovered I’m quite a visual person, when I can visually see what I have accomplished it helps my sense of accomplishment and motivates me to keep going. So I decided to make myself my very own STAR CHART! Yes that’s right taking it right back to primary school! Hey if it works for them why not for us too right?! I drew up a chart with 12 weeks on it to take me up to my 1 year mark. And have set myself the following 5 daily challenges.

  • Star 1: 28 Day Challenge Exercises : If you’re not a challenge member you can join the AWESOME challenge here
  • Star 2: 28 Day Tone up Challenge
  • Star 3:December Housework Challenge
  • Star 4: 30 Mins DVD/Walk/Other You can buy the awesome low impact DVD here
  • Star 5: Pelvic Floor Exercises!!! So important to do these daily not just for the few months after we’ve had our baby but FOR LIFE as I have learnt the hard way! Some more info here

I’m only on Day 5 but yesterday was able to get my first 5/5 stars. It’s definitely working having that visual to see what I have or haven’t done, and I just HAVE to get those little boxes filled with those stars!
If you’re struggling to get regular exercise in try it out! Might just be the accountability and push you need! I’m still figuring it out but thinking I might have little rewards for getting 10days of 5stars etc. Just a little something to say “good job well done!”.
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