When we are trying to follow a weight loss plan, a common question is, “Is there a best time of the day to exercise?’ Many people (and mums in particular) find it difficult to schedule in exercise at all, so some trainers would say that whichever time of day you manage to schedule in exercise and stick with it consistently is the best time of the day for you.
If, for example, you can make time in the afternoon to exercise and you can stick with it on a consistent, 5 x a week basis, then that’s the best time for you.
Our circadian (sleep/wake) rhythms also play a part in when we can exercise. Our circadian rhythm is responsible for not only when we go to sleep and when we wake up, but also when we feel hungry, when we want to go to the bathroom and when we feel tired.
Our body is used to feeling hungry at a certain time of the day, as well as tired at a certain time of the day – and we can teach our body to want to exercise at a certain time of the day. Recent research showed that when people exercised in the morning consistently, they felt strong and ready to exercise as their body learnt that the morning was ‘exercise time’ – whereas when they switched to evening exercise, they did not feel as strong.
Although many people prefer to exercise in the morning, most research on the subject shows us that physiologically, our bodies are stronger in late afternoon – although this time varies depending on whether we are looking at endurance or strength. One study has shown that the best time to exercise is when our body temperature is highest, around 4-5pm, although our strength output is best at mid-day when we perform at a 5% higher rate than usual.
Endurance is best in the afternoon, so this may be the best time to sprint for long distances – although if you train regularly at this time, if you come to run a morning marathon, you may find it difficult because your circadian rhythm is not trained to run in the morning. Injuries are less in the afternoon, because we are more alert, our muscles are warm and flexible, and our muscle strength is at its peak.
It has long been thought that exercising in the evening will keep you awake and alert when you go to sleep. However, recent research does not actually support this – most studies show that any exercise, whether it be in the morning, evening or afternoon, will help you to sleep. One study even showed that very vigorous exercise just half an hour before bed did not affect sleep.
In general, although research shows that your body is physiologically more able to exercise in the afternoon, most research shows us that morning exercisers are more able to be consistent with their exercise and stick with their routine. Most researchers also tend to agree that whichever time of the day you manage to exercise on and stick with that time of day for a consistent, lengthy period of time is the best time for you to exercise.
Personally I find that as a busy and tired mum I like to get exercise in early in the day before I hit a tired slump where the thought of exercising makes me run for the hills!
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