lose_baby_weight_exerciseA common question we are asked on the Lose Baby Weight Plans is “I have hit a plateau and cannot lost the last 2-3kg – what exercise
can I do to change this?”.
This is a common question so we thought we would address it in this blog post.
First of all, well done you! Take a second and look at the positive in the above question: you’ve just lost most of the weight you meant to
already. That’s amazing. No need to rush anywhere, as the last bit will be a walk in the park, if you can relax and not stress about it.
Your body is an amazingly efficient machine and to shock it into parting with those last few kilos, patience and a fresh attitude may
be needed. Read on to find out how.
If you’re feeling a bit blue and down about yourself, hormones and mind-set could be to blame. When you started, you may have gotten a
rush of happy hormones from the exercise you were doing (amplified if you weren’t used to it) and a huge sense of achievement from the
initial sharp drop in weight that most people get due to the body shedding water in the process of releasing energy from glycogen stored
in muscles and liver.
Now is your real test. And the good news is, you’re mentally and physically stronger and better equipped than before. Also you’re so so
close to your goal that throwing in the towel is no option. But if you’re too exhausted or not ready to mix it up straight away, know that your weightloss may now simply be happening at a much slower rate than before, so keep doing what you’re doing then go for the below
when you get a second wind. No excuses though, right?
So now that you’re so close to your end goal, define what you’d like to look your body to look like. Literally. Add definition to your arm
and leg muscles and your core. The exercises themselves will burn calories and the resulting increase in muscle mass (read: amazing
tone), will help boost your body’s metabolism into burning more calories again. To get your body to get stronger and burn through those last few kilos, resistance training is often the answer. If you just thought “but it’ll make me look bulky”, stop right there. That’s the most
common response I hear. I’m not asking you to lift heavy weights and develop a body to rival Arnie’s. Resistance training can just involve
therabands – we have some exercises here.
[pb_vidembed title=”Leg and Thigh Exercises” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU6gLzqhUB0″ type=”yt” w=”580″ h=”435″]
A really important tip here is to work your stabilisers to a) cinch in your waist and b) make sure you don’t cause injuries. For some core
exercises, hip stabilisers and shoulder stabiliser work click here.
[pb_vidembed title=”The Hundreds Core Exercise” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3wnPqQtTFQ” type=”yt” w=”580″ h=”425″]
[pb_vidembed title=”Pelvic Floor & The Core” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix5h6zAUTNs” type=”yt” w=”580″ h=”425″]
Get into it early – you’ll keep burning more calories throughout the morning and might be able to sneak in a second exercise session around lunchtime or evening… Quick skip for ten minutes, anyone? Skipping is an amazingly effective way to burn calories and tone up. Or get on the mini tramp with your toddler. It’ll tone you up, give your lymphatic and immune system a boost and get you on a natural high. I dare you not to smile while jumping!
Also, change it up. Take your amazing new body to a dance, spin or hot yoga session. Increase your intensity and/ or  length of your exercise sessions. Perhaps a long walk or run are calling you on the weekend. Enjoy the body you’ve found and reward yourself with fun, new activities. It’ll boost your motivation at the same time as your metabolism. Looking after your body can be a bit like a relationship.
If you did the same thing day in day out in your relationship, your partner wouldn’t be responding to you much anymore either, right?
Bring the fire back into your relationship with your body. Burn, baby, burn!
Reframe your mind-set. Now, it’s all about maintaining the amazing body you’ve already created and letting yourself relish your success
while fine tuning it. I find buying yourself a new exercise outfit or checking out a personal trainer or group classes in your area (perhaps
with a groupon deal) are a great way to show pride and gratitude in your hard work and get over the last hump by exploring your new body and its abilities. Be surprised. Open up new horizons. You’re already there, really. Keep at it. And enjoy!
Please note that we do not advise beginning any exercise plan post pregnancy until you have had clearance from your Doctor of Physiotherapist. Also, do not attempt the video demonstration of the “100′s” until you have clearance from your Dr or physio post birth”
This article was written by Sol Walkling, the Lose Baby Weight Pilates expert and Trainer – to see Sol’s credentials and read more about her click here
For more of of our exercises please click here
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