Motivating Mum Barbara Dixon has lost over 12kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is loving how her confidence is growing.
Read below too about how Barbara went on Round 1 of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
What a great month. I’ve had a 2.2kg loss and another stash of too big clothes off to the charity shop. Mid week I had a family crisis and had to leave my kitchen and my routine for two days.
I missed my Healthy Mummy Smoothies and making the 28 Day Challenge meals and was feeling the strain of making food choices a few times a day. But I made it through, stuck to the challenge plan when I got back and still came up with a loss on the scales on Monday – it was a small loss and I had to work for it but I’ll take it!
What I learned was that there’s no reason to ever jack this in or even ‘start over’ – I can just keep going. I’ve wanted something my whole life that I feel like I can continue indefinitely and I believe I have found that in the Lose Baby Weight plans – but do check back on me in a year’s time and a few years after that! My weight trend is still going down and I love that. I know now that I can call on the 3 Day Cleanse when I need to.
I loved the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge and will work any recipes I didn’t make into my August meal plans and one more challenge before swimsuit season!

Another interesting thing about goal setting is that your confidence grows as you see change and adding an extra goal is easy. So our family has a financial goal to get our home loan below a certain number by Christmas. It’s lovely to see my weight and my debt get smaller every month. And while I am packing away my too big clothes for charity I’m including some toys and baby clothes too. We just don’t need so much stuff! It’s decluttering my space and my thinking to have a pantry full of wholefoods that are good for my body, a fridge full of fresh produce, a wardrobe full of clothes that fit and less items lying around and more appreciation of life, family and health.

I am all about green smoothies at the moment. I have kale and spinach in my freezer and add a banana and/or kiwi, my Lose Baby Weight Healthy Mummy Smoothie powder and whizz. Such a powerful drink. I’m having my wisdom tooth out today and am glad I have the smoothies and soups to look forward to while my body recovers. I’m still winning the battle with not getting a cold this winter. I’m feeling healthier than I have ever been.
Barbara Dixon
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