Ashley wanted to follow a healthy eating diet plan so she could lose her baby weight.

She started with Lose Baby Weight and has lost 19.5kgs in just under 8 months. She loves her new healthy lifestyle.

healthy_eating_diet_planThank you very much, the Lose Baby Weight products have completely changed my life. I’m active happy and healthy.

I started my journey as my New Year’s resolution when I was at 80kg. I was so big and finding normal day to day activities harder. Walking through the shops was a mission and when putting shoes on and it’s hard, it really hurts.

I didn’t know where to start as breastfeeding is the most important thing to me, so didn’t even know it was possible to get to the weight I wanted.

Thank goodness I stumbled upon the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and to be honest the Healthy Mummy Smoothies saved me from starvation many mornings, with two under 2 – busy is an understatement!

Since then my whole way of eating has completely changed and I’ve learnt there is no ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ food, it’s a balance. I’m a huge sweets person, so to be told there is a cook book full of yummy cakes and cookies, well I got a copy of the Guilt Free Cookbook ASAP! It takes the guilt out of those late night cravings I just love it.

I could talk Lose Baby Weight all day. I just wish I had met this ‘me’ before, my confidence even shocks me sometimes. The “after” photo is me in a size 10!!!! That’s a loss of 19.5kg in just under 8 months.

Happy is a huge understatement. Now I just need to get toning – I didn’t even know what that was when I started – haha!

Thank you to the Lose Baby Weight team and all the incredible women on the support page constantly boosting each other higher and higher 🙂

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