Anita was looking for the best ways to lose weight when she started on the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating diet plans. She wants to inspires others to do the same and she also loved using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge:
Hi Mummies,
I just wanted to send in my results in the hope that it may help one other person. I have lost 7kgs since starting with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
healthy_eating_diet_plansI have got so much inspiration from the Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy site that I would love to share my small victory.
I originally purchased the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and some Healthy Mummy Smoothies for starters. I had some good results following it for mainly dinners and having smoothies for breaky and sometimes lunch.
For July I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and I had consistent loss with that too- mainly due to what I was eating and I really recommend everyone to use this.
I am not able to exercise as much as I would like but I can now understand that what I am fueling my body with is so important. I love the variety these plans have introduced to my family’s meals as I am an avid cooker and baker. I especially love the different snacking ideas as I am a person that likes to snack during the day.
I just want to say to other Mummies that it can be done- I am someone who doubts myself all the time but I am beginning to gain more confidence knowing that even my small changes can make a difference to mine and my family’s future.
I have only just started on my “journey” but I know I can get there if I just keep trying.
Best of luck to everyone.
Anita Craig
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