Mum of 3 Andrea Dixon has lost an amazing 9kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for January.
Well done Andrea!!!

Wow I am super excited to have been selected as a Motivating Mum for January this has to be the best feeling to kick off the New Year and the best motivation to keep me on track.
So a little about me my name Is Andrea and I am 30 I have two boys who are 9 and 6 and after nearly 5 year of trying to have a baby I finally gave birth to a beautiful little girl in August . My weight has been a roller coaster for the last 14 years with some major High’s (105 kg) and big lows (55 kg).
But in August just after I had my Daughter “Lose Baby weight” caught my attention on Facebook and after seeing it in a few places I decided to have a proper look and my goodness was it the best thing I did. The Facebook page and then the website blew my mind and started to give me hope that I could get on the right track, that light bulb moment that was more like a lightning strike. After reading some success stories and looking at some of the recipes I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the September 28 Day Challenge.
I’m not going to lie the September Challenge didn’t go perfect for me but it was the baby steps that I needed before I stepped it up in October. I have tried many different things to help shift the weight but have not had much Success and this is where I think “Lose baby weight” is different it has a much better mentality, the meals are so enjoyable that they often feel like they are naughty and the support from all the other people is amazing .
The support is one of the biggest positives for me as one thing I struggle with is the fact that the person I am closes to my Husband isn’t always the most supportive and encouragement on progress isn’t given, but I know that if I need that little bit of a lift the amazing women on here are so supportive and caring that it makes things so much better.
The baby steps first started with introduction of different meals from the challenge one of the favourites is the Steak and Chic pea Casserole and of course the two ingredient pizza (so so good).
With all the meal plans and the interchangeable menus I found I am cooking healthier and am more organised and am saving money on food bills because there is less wastage. Changing the way I think about food and stepping out of my comfort zone in the meals I cook has been so refreshing and exciting.
Despite my weight I have very little interest in food and finding the time to eat, so I decided to order a tub of The Healthy Mummy Smoothie and within a few days I was hooked and was finally having breakfast and lunch which is also super important as I am breastfeeding . The creations and the variety of recipes for smoothies is amazing with new creations constantly entered on facebook makes it so exciting and never boring with the options there is basically a rainbow of flavours.
Not long in to my Lose baby Weight journey I discovered that Lactose was affecting my little girl so I have had to remove it from my diet for the time being but that hasn’t limited me as there are many options out there so I can still enjoy the smoothies and meals just with slight tweaking, so if you find that dairy affects your bub while you are breastfeeding don’t worry there are many alternatives.
At the beginning of the September 28 Day Challenge I weighed 95 kg (Although at the time I thought I was 92 Kg thanks to broken scales) and as of today I am at 83 kg thanks to Lose baby weight I have changed my whole mind set and my outlook on life I am happier and more positive and am becoming a better mum to my three kids.
I have adjusted my eating and included Smoothies to my diet and have changed the way I look at exercising, I have always struggled with exercising with set work outs but I am getting them down pat. I have also given myself the ultimatum that I either do the set work out for the day, the Healthy Mummy DVD or at least a 3km walk which is either the walk to the kid’s school and on a good day I do both morning and arvo so get in 6km.
Even though the kids are on Holidays I am still walking at least 3km a day and feel so much better for it. I also fill in time by doing squats, sit ups and even star jumps (I have also started jumping on the tramp with the kids which is a killer work out).
So I have learnt that Every Step counts and it is not always easy but with persistence, the right tools, the right motivation you will get there. I still have at least 15kgs to go but have the confidence the support and the key to get there with the Lose Baby Weight Family.
Andrea Dixon
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