We had so many amazing healthy eating and weight loss stories sent in this month from mums on our Lose Baby Weight plans that is was VERY hard to pick the winners for our monthly prize vouchers where one mum gets a $350 Myer voucher and 3 mums get a $100 voucher for sharing their weight loss and healthy eating stories. And you can see lots of other pregnancy weight loss success stories and pictures here too.
Lose_baby_weight_resultsAnd the winner of the $350 voucher is Amy Rozario who has done an AMAZING job and looks fantastic – well done Amy!

Amy’s pregnancy weight loss

“My weight loss story began before I fell pregnant with my son, Jack.
Early 2011, and the last time I was brave enough to jump on the scales, I weighed in at 105kg (squeezing into a size 16) – although I doubt that was the heaviest I was around this time! I, however, was oblivious to how I actually looked on the outside.
My father had passed away in late 2010, and the autopsy results showed he was suffering from coronary artery disease and high cholesterol – prompting me to get my own cholesterol levels checked.
My “bad cholesterol levels” came back at a shocking 6.1, which the doctor described as the equivalent to someone who was unhealthy, in their early 40’s – I was 21 at the time! This was when I decided I needed to be healthier, and started making changes!
After implementing a vigorous exercise routine, healthy diet, and omega 3 supplements (to help lower cholesterol!), I weighed in at 79kg in mid 2011, my cholesterol down to 3.1! It was around this time that I fell pregnant (I’ve been told diet and exercise primes your body and makes it much easier to fall pregnant – and my partner and I were overjoyed!) However, I was aware that with pregnancy comes weight gain, so I made a silent promise to myself to eat healthily during my pregnancy, for myself and my unborn baby.
Fast forward to April 2012, and my son Jack, was born, a very healthy 9lb 9oz – quite an achievement for my first child! I  weighed 83kg post-partum, but with the help of breastfeeding, dropped back to 76kg. Seems all my healthy eating had paid off! I was due to be a bridesmaid at my best friends Bali wedding in September, and was determined to look great in my bridesmaids dress (and a bikini!) so continued with my healthy diet, and added in some moderate exercise too! (where possible – it’s so hard to exercise with a needy little mouth that always seems to want to feed!)
A month out from the wedding, I couldn’t seem to get below the 75kg mark. I was so proud of what I had achieved so far, but my goal weight of 65kg seemed so far away! I was worried about using meal replacement shakes, as I thought I would be depriving my body of nutrients that I needed in order to produce milk for Jack.
I then googled “losing baby weight”, and found the Healthy Mummy range which was safe in breastfeeding– thought “What the heck, let’s give it a go!” and ordered myself a tub of the chocolate shake powder.
I was so happy to find that I felt completely satisfied after replacing a meal with the healthy mummy smoothie (I alternated between lunch and dinner and continued my healthy eating for the meals that I was eating), my breast milk supply was not affected, I still maintained more than enough to satisfy Jack – AND the smoothies tasted great! (like I was drinking a giant, liquid chocolate biscuit – that’s how I described it to my partner anyway!)
Then before jetting to Bali, I had to have an emergency bridesmaid dress alteration before I left because it worked so well for me! The wedding was beautiful, the entire bridal party looked great, and I got so many compliments from friends I had not seen since I was at my biggest!
I am so proud of what I have achieved – I am a Healthy Mummy! 🙂
Amy Rozario, age 23
Dianella, WA
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