A couple of month’s ago Amber Foster was brave enough to send her weight loss update in as well as her pictures which showed her 7kg weight loss and we (as well as thousands of mums on our website and Facebook page) were so happy to see her health and weight loss progress.
So today we are even MORE delighted to be able to share Amber’s further weight loss success and her 14kg weight loss! Amber looks fantastic and you can read her updated story below

Amber’s Update

I have now lost around 14kg as the last few days I have lost 1kg.  I have another 30kg to lose as I was overweight before my baby boy but I’m getting there slowly! And thinking of the 14kg gone already helps a lot!
My favourite healthy mummy smoothie is still choc berry banana and I am loving the healthy banana bread. The 28 day plan is still my go to for recipes, as is the Lose Baby Weight website.
I loveeee the new hard copy 28 Day Plan book, what a fantastic idea, and I am eagerly awaiting a recipe book (hint hint!!) -Which I know takes time to create 🙂 I still have my 5 pieces of dark choc a night. I used to loathe dark chocolate, but now the milk choc makes me queezy!
As for exercise, I live in a tiny town with nothing but a main road that has an 80km sign on it so it’s not the best to go walking. BUT, I still manange! It’s quite hilly and I get in a 30-45 min walk every day.
Living where I am, it’s freezing and rains ALOT! So I also have an exercise bike for those days.
I am hoping to squeeze in more daily exercise and find some apple cider vinegar to speed up the weightloss. Oh and bake more snacks, I always have them in the freezer but love having a variety!
So there’s my update 🙂 Hopefully I can update again in a few months
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