By Rebecka Shelberg

There are so many fantastic toys, clothes and books available for babies and kids today, and in my daughter’s case, there are so many amazing Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Godparents and Grandparents to buy it all for her – not to mention a doting Mummy and Daddy! She is very lucky to be so loved and so spoilt!
So when it came to planning her Naming Day, we were conscious of the wonderful generosity of our friends and family, but as there wasn’t really anything else that our lovely girl needed we wanted to give an alternative option to gift giving. We decided to suggest that guests who were wishing to give a gift, instead make a donation to a charity in our daughter’s name.
And since she was born at Westmead hospital, this is the charity that we recommended.  As I wanted to make it clear that gifts were not expected, while at the same time putting forth our request in the politest possible way, I ended up writing the below poem which was included with her naming day invitations, in much the same way as a gift registry card in a wedding invitation.
On the day, she still received a small number of lovely sentimental gifts, but majority of guests were happy to contribute towards a charity instead (a number of guests did both!) and we were able to raise a few hundred dollars from their generosity. Once the donation was sent into Westmead in her name, we also received a ‘Thank you’ certificate, which will make for a perfect keepsake if I ever get around to scrapbooking it 🙂
Our daughter she is truly blessed,
So many toys and so well dressed,
Extremely loved and very healthy,
But there are those who aren’t so wealthy.
Though gifts are really not expected,
Of course they will not be rejected,
But we would respectfully request
A small donation that we’ll bequest
From Lila to those kids in need,
At the Children’s Hospital Westmead.
Thank you.
This article was written by Rebecka Shelberg
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