Hi! My name is Alicia McAlpine and I am one of your motivating mums for the 100 Days of Summer Challenge.
So far I have lost 23kgs* using the 28 Day Challenges and Healthy Mummy smoothies.
Lose Baby Weight-23kg loss

I am so excited to have been picked from all of the wonderful ladies who applied. It really is a privilege and I look forward to keeping on track with my own weight loss goals as well as motivating you to keep on track with yours.
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I started my first 28 Day Challenge in June this year. I was at my heaviest of 120.7kg.
I was ashamed and quite angry with myself that I let myself get to that point. Since meeting my husband in 1999 I had put on a staggering 50 kilos and it is now my mission to lose each and every one!
My biggest struggle with weight has been what I eat. I failed time after time to feed myself the right foods. Instead, turning to quick takeaways and snacks.
The 28 Day Challenges have truly saved me from this vicious cycle and I have now taken back control of my body.
The meals are easy to prepare, delicious for the whole family and reasonably cost effective as well. It is also great to have new meals to try each week instead of having the same boring meals every night.
The 28 Day Challenges are a must and if you are thinking of joining in the December challenge then you really should!
Christmas is the time when we all over indulge in too much food and drink, Am I right? I have made a pledge to myself to follow these simple rules during the festive season:
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  • Never go to a function hungry. Enjoy a healthy meal or snack before you go so you don’t over indulge in too much “naughty food”.
  • Carry a few healthy snacks in your handbag for those longer functions (carrot sticks, pretzels, bliss balls etc).
  • Don’t deny yourself food at the function but make sure you pick the heathiest options. Everything in moderation is ok.
  • If dancing is involved then dance! Burn off some extra calories. Nothing like a bit of incidental exercise.
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing. Show all your hard work off!

I am so excited to try out the January challenge recipes! Healthy food doesn’t always need to be boring and that’s another thing that I love about the challenges, so many tastier alternatives to some of the bad foods that I used to eat. I really don’t feel like I am missing out at all.
I am a mum to two beautiful children. They have both adapted to my new lifestyle very well. They love the extra time that we spend in the kitchen and love that we spend time doing more “sporty” things as a family.
I have much more energy to keep up with them and I love the fact that I know they can hopefully take what I teach them and not have the same weight issues that I do.
My oldest Zane, has such a passion or sport. His passion is soccer and he is 100% committed to working on his own health, sometimes getting up with me for a walk (he runs ahead).
My husband Shane has also been amazing during my journey so far. He himself has lost 20kg.
Get your FREE Day Sampler of the BELLY BUSTER 28 Day Challenge here
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I am lucky I married a man who will eat anything that I put in front of him. He is loving the challenge foods. He gets up with me some days as well to come walking or to tackle the Mt Ainslie climb.
He is so encouraging and happy to give the time that I need to focus on my health. He points out every day how well I am doing and how much confidence that I have gained back since I started losing weight. I am so grateful to have someone like Shane in my life.
I am so excited that summer has finally arrived!
I am looking forward to spending time at the beach and pool with my family and friends.
For the first time ever I am feeling confident to rock my swimwear. Bring on the warmer weather!
Usually I try and avoid going to the pool, I just didn’t have the confidence. This journey has been so wonderful for my confidence. I feel like a new person!
So here is to 100 Days of good eating, plenty of exercise and fun in the sun! We’ve got this ladies!
Alicia xxxx
Get your FREE Day Sampler of the BELLY BUSTER 28 Day Challenge here
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
You can see lots of more results and you can join here too
Brooke Lost 31kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge
Lose Baby Weight- 31kg Loss
Brooke says: “The best thing about the  28 day challenge is, it is not a diet or restricts you from food you love.
They just encourage you to cook the meals you love in a healthier way along with providing you with the knowledge you need to lose weight and get healthy.
For me I no longer stress of what I will need to eat or what exercises to do each day, as the 28 Day Challenge does this for me.
My life has completely changed in so many positive ways and for that I am forever thankful.”
Join here
You won’t regret it!