Abigail loves the healthy eating diet plans from Lose Baby Weight and is so happy with her results from the January 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She finds the plans one of the best ways to lose weight and has lost 15.5kgs since starting her healthy lifestyle journey.
I am so thrilled with my results from the January 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  I lost 2 kilograms during the Challenge bringing my total weight loss to 15.5kg since I started my Lose Baby Weight journey one year ago.
My weight loss hasn’t been as fast as some of the other mums in the support group, it has been slow and steady but completely manageable for me. I am over the moon I found Lose Baby Weight. I started the January Weight Loss Challenge at 66.5kg and my goal is to get to 60kg, so I am down to the business end of my weight loss.
During this 28 Day Challenge I really focused on my food intake and increasing my exercise. In the last two weeks I have done two 15km runs and I have now signed up to do a half marathon in April.
I’m surprised as this wasn’t one of my goals to do a half marathon. I actually signed up for the 10km run and changed my event when I told a friend I was running 15km, she said well if you can do 15 you can do 21. When I thought about it she was right and if I can’t reach for the stars how can I expect my children to.
I am so proud of my level of fitness and determination. For the first time ever I have actually started loving my body, I feel strong, fit and healthy.
I loved the food on the 28 day weight loss challenge as did my husband and children. Lose Baby Weight has really taught me how to eat healthy like I never have before.
Last night my husband got chicken and chips for dinner and I quickly made up a little salsa took the skin off the chicken and put in a wholemeal wrap for my dinner. Lose Baby Weight has also taught me how to make healthy choices like that, in the past I would have just eaten the chips and chicken and had seconds.
We are also officially a Healthy Mummy Smoothie family. I have one everyday for lunch and my husband loves when I make him one before his cricket game on Saturdays.
My mother also now has the Smoothies, I bought her the vanilla and chocolate mix along with a new blender for a gift and she was over the moon.
Thank you Lose Baby Weight, I can’t wait to reach my goal and can’t wait for the next Challenge.
Abigail Want
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