weight_lossWe all have to start somewhere, but what motivates people to begin their weight loss journey?

‘I just thought – what have I got to lose besides the weight?’

If you’ve tried all the diets, pills, bars and potions going you may feel as though dieting simply doesn’t work.
Truth be told, it does, but it isn’t sustainable.
Cutting out whole food groups or eating only a couple of specific foods (cabbage soup, anyone?) can only last so long before you can’t keep it up.
With the Lose Baby Weight plans you are encouraged to eat a variety of nutritious real food every day.
For some people, having a guide to follow gives them all the tools they need to get started, and keep going.
We see our plans not as a ‘diet’ as such, but as a change in lifestyle. The results will keep you motivated (and you can always jump on our Facebook page if you need a pick me up).

‘I mentally drew a line in the sand and said to myself, today is the day I change my future’

Maybe you feel overwhelmed that you have so much weight to lose. Or maybe you’re struggling to lose the last 5kg.
Whatever your goal, the first step is going to be the hardest. Sometimes taking a step back and thinking of the bigger picture can help.
How do you want your kids to see you – as a tired, cranky, overweight mum who has no energy; or as a healthy role model who prepares nutritious meals and runs around the park with them?

‘Having a weight loss buddy motivated me to get out of the house to exercise’

There’s nothing like being accountable to someone else. Knowing that your friend is going to be standing on the corner at 6am waiting to go for a walk with you is a big motivator to get moving when the alarm goes off.
Share recipes, phone each other for support, offer to babysit each other’s kids so that you have time to go grocery shopping.

‘Out of sight, out of mind – I had to throw out half my pantry’

Once you know the products that you should and shouldn’t be eating, you can have a kitchen cleanse.
Get rid of all of the items that are high in fat, overly processed, sugary, and down right unhealthy.
It’s much easier to resist a chocolate biscuit if there are none in the house.

‘I threw out my ‘fat’ clothes so I had nothing to wear’

For some people, drastic measures like this work! For others, it was having that pair of skinny jeans in the cupboard that were the benchmark for how the weight loss was progressing.

‘I had a deadline – my sister’s wedding’

Do you find yourself more productive at work when a deadline is looming? Having a specific goal in mind can often sharpen your mind and strengthen your resolve to succeed. Set a goal that is SMART:
Specific (I want to fit into the red dress)
Measurable (I will need to lose 4kg to fit into it)
Attainable (I can do this if I eat well and exercise)
Relevant (Now is the time, I want to look great in the photos)
Time-Based (I will achieve this by October 5th)
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout.
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