5 ways to reduce postpartum backache
After giving birth to our babies, most of us go through mild physical changes that could possibly alter our back posture which might create nagging pains in our back.
The severity and duration of postpartum backache varies for each of us and some of us might even experience it for almost up to a year after giving birth.
Before we move on to the 5 ways that can help reduce postpartum backache, let’s have a look at what causes it.
When we carry our baby (or babies if you’ve got twins) for 9 months, the extra weight means that our back muscles work harder to support our body which also affects the stress on joints.
Studies have shown that the hormonal changes that we experience after delivery can also loosen the joints and ligaments that attach the pelvic bones to the spine which causes aching even with the slightest movement.
Being a new mum is definitely a rewarding experience that can never be replaced with anything else in the world. However, stress from tasks that require lifting our babies or pushing prams around can also add pressure to your spine, and a bad back will also put a halt to your post pregnancy weight loss and exercise plan.
But don’t worry, there’s a few ways that have been proven to help with reducing backache and you can certainly pick the one that works best for you!
1) Natural Supplements
Eating healthy not only helps you to lose baby weight. Adding natural supplements to your weight loss diet plans can also reduce back aches. Experts recommend taking glucosamine, flaxseed oil, fish oils, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C supplements to help you relief your back.
2) Using Proper Body Mechanics
It’s so simple yet it makes such a big difference in protecting and preserving our upper and lower back. When you bend down to lift heavy objects, always do so with your legs instead of your back.
Also, don’t twist your back when trying to reach for something that’s far from you. You must turn your full body towards the object or move towards it. When we keep our weight close to our body, the risk of injury will be tremendously reduced.
3) Light Exercises
Do some very light exercises such as walking or gentle stretching to help you get back in shape and loosen up your muscles. Just start with some very basic stretching exercises and try not to exert yourself with extreme yoga positions.
4) Use Heat
A warm bath is really good for our backs and overall health, psychologically and physically. A warm bath or warm heating pad can help expand your muscles to release tension and relaxes our back. Having a warm bath soothes our souls and puts our mind at peace, and forces all the negativity out of our minds.

Here’s a small trick that you can try if you want to. Simply bring two tennis balls into the bath with you. Trap it under your body at parts where you feel your muscles aching. The pressure that you apply on the tennis ball will be good for your back. It works even better in the bath because you will get better control on the pressure that is applied on the tennis balls.
5) Massages
It has been shown that massages, whether it is structural or for relaxation, works well to help relax our muscles and ease the aching back. Structural massages help release tension in specific tissues and joints so let your massage therapist know exactly which part of your back is aching. Of course we can also get our partner to do it for us so that we spend some quality time together.
Other than that, shedding post pregnancy weight can also help us reduce back aches as it reduces the amount of work that our backs put into supporting the access weight of our body. So, why not try out the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and start making a change to your overall health!
Plus see our specific article on exercises to strengthen your back here and a video showing you what to do.
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