Are you keen to lose baby weight or weight in general and start following a healthy eating diet plan? Are you trying to work out the best ways to lose weight?
Have a read through of our tips below to kickstart your weight loss plan right now. Simple changes in your life will make a significant difference.

Sugar1) Swap Sugar for Xylitol

Most of you will have sugar in the pantry for things such as tea, coffee and baking. It is a staple in most households and many of you would use a few teaspoons daily without batting an eyelid.
One thing you can do right now to help lose a few kilos is to swap out the sugar for some xylitol. It’s pretty much 1:1 for sweetness so you won’t need to worry about how much you need to use. It also tastes very similar to sugar and it only has 1/2 of the calories, xylitol has 2.4 calories per gram compared to 4 calories in sugar. It’s such an easy swap so give it a try today.

2) Have a green tea instead of a coffee

Green tea can help you lose weight in so many ways. There are two important pathways where fat burning takes place, they are called beta oxidation and thermogenesis, which basically increases metabolism. Since green tea contains caffeine, people who are sensitive to caffeine should not drink this product. Decaffeinated green tea is also available and also helps boost your metabolism. Keep in mind however, that even though it is labelled as decaffeinated, there are still small amounts of caffeine in it. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding should limit their caffeine intake. Anyone with a pre-existing health condition should speak with a doctor before drinking green tea to boost their metabolism or lose weight.

3) Eat a protein bar instead of a chocolate bar

Not all calories are created equally and a protein bar vs a chocolate bar is a good example of this. A Chocolate bar may be 200 calories – the same as an average sized protein bar. But the breakdown of nutrients is far different. A chocolate bar is very low in protein and high in saturated fat and sugar, where some protein bars are high in protein with minimal fat and generally no sugar. The way the body stores these nutrients is the key to losing body fat. We don’t store protein as fat, the way we do with sugar. Instead it is used as fuel for the muscle and as an added bonus it also keeps us fuller for longer. The best thing to do is make your own protein bars or cookies and you can see yummy recipes here

4) Get out gardening

I bet you’ve never considered how many calories mowing the lawn, raking leaves, picking fruit from trees and weeding can burn. Well even though the weather is getting colder, we still have some sun around during the day, and I know my kids enjoy being outside rather than inside any day. I have found a great site called ‘Calorie Lab’ which has given hourly calories burned by doing the abovementioned chores:

  • Mowing the Lawn: 306 calories
  • Raking Leaves: 204 calories
  • Picking fruit from trees: 135 calories
  • Weeding: 238 calories

Right here we have half a day spent outside with almost 900 calories burnt – that’s a good workout right there and it won’t cost you a thing!

5) Cut out alcohol

We are a society that  over consumes alcohol and women drinkers are on the increase. I don’t want to sound like a prude, but just cutting out alcohol for 2 weeks will dramatically help you shed some unwanted kilos. If you’re a social drinker, then you may want to schedule some time and pamper yourself instead with a girls night in, lingerie party or something similar to help abstain from the booze for a while.

And number 6….

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Written by Elisha Danine – Nutritionist
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