healthy_eatingWith the hustle and bustle of Christmas behind us, it’s now time to focus on the New Year and what that has in store.
For many of us, the end of the year is a time to reflect on decisions that we have made (be they good or bad), and make plans for what we hope to achieve in the year ahead – which for many of us could be about losing pregnancy weight.
While it’s popular to make a New Year resolution, for someone that is interested in losing pregnancy weight it is more about making a complete lifestyle change.
Rather than committing to a ‘2 week slim down’ from a magazine or a ’24 hour cleanse’ from a packet, it’s time to draw a line in the sand and say that now is the time to turn things around and become the healthiest mum you can be.
But how do you do that exactly? Try committing to our 5 Lose Baby Weight New Year’s Resolutions – all of which are designed to get you feeling happier and healthier than ever.

#1 no more junk at home

When deciding to begin a healthy eating plan it is time to ditch the junk food that is holding you back. And that means tossing out (and not buying any more) things like chocolate biscuits, ice cream, cakes, lollies, pastries – anything that you know is your down fall.
That’s not to say you can never have them again, but by not keeping them in the house you are making it a bit easier on yourself.
You may come up against some resistance by other family members at first, but if you get them on board with your new way of life (and start baking and cooking from our Summer Recipe Book or 28 Day Plan) you can be sure they won’t feel as though they are missing out on anything.

#2 it’s time to move

Adding some exercise to your healthy eating plan is a great way to ramp up your weight loss results. Exercise gets your heart pumping, it helps with digestion, it increases blood flow, and it gets the endorphins going (the feel good hormone).
Whether it’s a walk with the kids, a few laps around the park with the dog, some exercises from the 28 Day Plan, or a few segments of our Exercise DVD – it all adds up across the day.

#3 increase your greens

Instead of bulking up your plate with pasta, rice or bread – try adding some extra greens to your meal.
So if you are cooking a Shepherd’s Pie, add some steamed spinach on the side.
When making lasagne, serve it with some green beans or peas.
if you are cooking up a roast chicken, steam some asparagus and zucchini to go with it.

#4 say no to the sweet drinks

Drinking soft drinks and cordials can become a bad habit that needs to be broken. If you are having some regularly, the amount of sugar you are taking in is significant enough to be impacting your weight loss efforts.
Once again, keeping it out of the house is the best way. If you need something to replace it, try one of our healthy iced teas from our Summer Recipe Book, or juice an orange, lemon or lime to add to some sparkling mineral water.
Once you get used to the less sugary flavours, you will find it easier to resist when it is offered to you. In fact you might find that you no longer like the super sweet taste once you get used to not having it so much.

#5 plan ahead to stay on top of your game

When you are hungry it can be hard to resist the sweet treats and unhealthy options that seem to be available everywhere you turn.
By planning ahead for each meal and snack, you will know that you are able to make the best possible choices. It doesn’t mean that you can never eat out again, but for all the other meals simply be sure that you have healthy food in the house to prepare something nutritious. Bake some of our healthy snacks to keep in your handbag.
If you are interested in some further guidance on this, the 28 Day Plan is a great place to start as it outlines in detail what you could have for your meals and snacks for the month – and it even has a shopping list so you know exactly what you need to stock up on.
Another great option is to commit to a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast each day – that’s one meal done with minimum effort (just add your favourite fruits).
Have you got any other tips that you’d like to share with other mums trying to lose pregnancy weight? Why not jump onto our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!
Let’s all work together to make 2014 our best year ever.
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