healthy_eatingIf you’re a bit concerned about giving your kids a mountain of chocolate this weekend, you’re not alone.
But if you want to have the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt (minus all the eggs) we’ve got a mega-long list of items that you can use for the hunt that the kids will LOVE – as well as an egg or two.
Of course, you will need to tailor your gifts to the age and sex of the hunters, but this should get you started.

  1. Stickers
  2. Tattoos
  3. Egg Shakers
  4. Play Dough
  5. Yo-Yo’s
  6. Bubbles
  7. Marbles
  8. Coins From All Over The World
  9. LEGO
  10. Toy Cars
  11. Hair Clips
  12. Stamps
  13. Gift Certificates e.g. IOU 1 X Trip To The Playground
  14. Trail Mix
  15. Seeds To Plant Herbs
  16. Raisins or Freeze Dried Fruit
  17. Erasers
  18. Disposable Camera
  19. Bouncy BallsLose Baby Weight - healthy cookbook for kids
  20. Pencil Toppers
  21. Lip Gloss
  22. Nail Polish
  23. Bath Bombs
  24. Coloured Band-Aids
  25. Rubber Bugs And Spiders
  26. Rubber Ducks
  27. Crayons
  28. Chalk
  29. Sticker Earrings
  30. Water Bombs

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