For me and my family I try to live the healthiest life I can and I want to set a good example to them to do the same.  Do I like chocolate? YES! But do I let my 15 month old have chocolate – no.  He has never tasted lollies or chocolate and I want it to stay that way for as long as possible – even if it is just for a treat.
I understand that he will at some stage come into contact with them but I want him to enjoy and to eat as many healthy foods as possible and not introduce him to the junk foods that all of us try not to eat/cut back on today – as we know they are bad for us.
But not everyone has the same view as me and yesterday my nanny told me that the playgroup that my bub goes to was having an Easter special next week where they all got chocolate eggs and some lollies. Yikes. What to do?
Firstly I was surprised that a playgroup for toddlers would encourage kids so young to get a sweet tooth – and yes I understand it is Easter and we all love chocolate but I really think it is too young for children to have sweets and it just really isn’t healthy – especially when taste buds are still forming and in taking lots of nutrients is key. 
Call me a kill joy but why can’t they have a fruit celebration instead? I know if my baby had chocolate he would LOVE it.  Then he would want it all the time and he may start thinking “I won’t eat the veggies and fruit mum gives me, I want that tasty chocolate instead”.
So next week he is going to bypass playgroup as I don’t want him to to have an Easter egg and I do feel a bit of a meanie (and I am sure lots of mums reading this think I am being mean too :)) but I just want him to have good foods in his body for as long as he can and I really want to try and educate him to make good food choices so when he is old enough he doesn’t go straight for the baddie foods.
My own belief is that we should absolutely encourage our children to eat the best food possible and aim for healthier treats to enjoy. Biscuits, cakes, lollies, ice cream, chocolate and sugary foods are bad for us – it is a fact. They give us no nutrients and lead to weight gain and cavities in children’s teeth – as well as being full of artificial colourings so are really not the best option for our kids.
So this Easter – instead of introducing them to chocolate or lollies when they are still so young why not get creative with fruit kebabs and healthy foods instead  – and you can see some healthy alternative foods for kids parties here