If you’re trying to lose pregnancy weight as well as save time on your cooking, why not employ some tricks of the trade.
Chefs are always using their leftovers to create another meal to serve the next day, and you can do the same.
Try some of our simple healthy eating recipes here and you will find that the majority of the work is done for your next evening meal.

Meal) One Pan Lemon Chicken with Veggies

Leftovers Meal) Chicken and Vegetable Tarte Tatin

A great meal for leftovers, a tray bake like this means you can throw in stacks more vegetables than you need in order to use them up the next day.
Be sure you have plenty of chicken so that there is going to be some leftover meat.
After you eat, pick over the leftover chicken to get as much meat as possible off it.
Place your veggies in the fridge with the chicken to make your dinner the following night with minimal effort.
Recipe here.
Tarte Tatin is a great recipe to have up your sleeve as it’s completely adaptable to anything you have on hand (you can even do a sweet version with some ripe stone fruits such as peaches or nectarines).
Essentially it’s an upside down pie where you pop everything in a pan and then lay a sheet of pastry over the top.
Pastry feels super indulgent and when you are making 4 serves from one sheet it is easy to enjoy it as part of your healthy eating plan.
Recipe here.

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Meal) Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese

Leftovers Meal) Beef Tacos

This recipe makes good use of leftover Bolognese from a popular family meal.
If you don’t normally have any leftover Bolognese when you serve Spaghetti Bolognese to your family you will need to increase the base recipe – for instance add another 200g of mince and increase the amount of veggies you throw in so that you have around 2 cups of Bolognese left for the following evening.
This recipe is for a Slow Cooked Bolognese, but feel free to use any Bolognese recipe that you normally make.
The good thing about tacos is that you don’t need too much meat and you can bulk them out with fresh salad and guacamole.
To make your tacos: simply heat up the Bolognese, warm the taco shells, chop up some salad, grate some cheese and place everything on the table to let the family customise their own taco. Calories will vary depending on the leftovers, cheese and salad used.

Meal) Three Ingredient Roast Lamb

Leftovers Meal) Lamb & Pumpkin Quesadillas

Roast lamb generally yields plenty of leftovers, and sadly they can be left sitting in the fridge for too long (and end up in the bin). Ensure this doesn’t happen by planning to use the leftovers the next day.
This 3 Ingredient Roast Lamb is very easy to put together.Simply throw in plenty of vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot and zucchini to roast alongside the lamb.
Be sure to cook enough veggies to cater for the next evening too. After your eat, carve the extra lamb off the bone and package up in the fridge with your vegetables.
To make your quesadillas: chop up the pumpkin and lamb into small pieces and place in a bowl. Add a handful of grated cheese or crumbled feta if you prefer.
If you have some on hand, throw in some freshly chopped parsley or a couple of chopped shallots. Heat a frying pan over high heat and spray with olive oil.
Lay out one tortilla wrap per person (wholemeal ones are tasty) and spread one side with the lamb and pumpkin mix.
Fold over to make a semi-circle and cook, one at a time, until golden on each side. Place a plate on top of them in the pan to speed up the cooking process. Calories will vary depending on the type of leftovers used.
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