healthy_eatingDon’t keep bad food in the house.

This is not just important for you but for the kids too. If kids have a choice between chips and an apple they may not always go the right way. But if it’s apple or banana then it’s a win either way.

Don’t tempt yourself.

If you can’t resist the chocolate donut at the café – change cafes. Yes that might sound severe but sometimes it has to be done. Just breaking the habit can sometimes be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Stock up the fruit bowl.

Humans are visual creatures. In the same way that a big jar of lollies might trigger a desire to eat them (all) you will also be tempted by a colourful bowl of fresh fruit in your kitchen.

Plan plan plan.

Plan your meals and snacks for the week so there is little to no chance of getting so hungry that you lose all sense of reason and dive headfirst into a bowl of ice cream. If you’re going out for the day, think ahead what you need to pack to ensure you have enough to eat.

Get moving.

Got an errand to run? Ditch the car and get walking. Meeting a friend for a play date? Leave home early and walk there. Off to the park for the morning? Do a few laps before you settle down on the swings. We’re all for incidental exercise here at Lose Baby Weight!

Keep emergency snacks in your bag.

How often have you been stuck in the car or at an appointment that is running late when hunger strikes? Keeping an apple or mandarin in your bag at all times means that you don’t even have to let the words ‘vending machine’ cross your mind. Here are some other snacking ideas.

Keep a food diary.

Just the act of writing it all down can help you see patterns to your eating that you may not have realised are there. Read more about food diaries here.

Don’t be ‘all or nothing’.

The old 80/20 rule applies here. There’s no need to tell yourself that you will never have a chocolate again. Let’s be realistic here. If you can aim to be good most of the time (80%) you can afford to have a few little indulgences here and there (20%).
There’s no need to tell yourself that you have ‘failed’ at healthy eating. This is a life long process, not a quick fix solution. So go easy on yourself, OK?

Don’t let soft drink in the house.

Keep the sugary stuff out of the house and you won’t be tempted. Stock up on soda water (home brand tastes just fine!) and spritz it up with fresh lemons and limes. You’ll soon get used to the lack of syrupy-sugar flavouring.


Make water part of your daily routine. When you wake up, start the day with a glass of water. Before a meal, have some water. Carry your water bottle in your bag and sip sip sip through the day.

Imagine how you will feel after eating.

After an unhealthy food choice, you might feel a little queasy or uncomfortably full. Remember that feeling before you reach for the poor food choices. Think how you feel after a healthy meal like salad or stir fry – pretty good right? Remember that too, and it can help guide you to better choices.

Try new things.

Don’t get stuck in a rut where you are eating the same old things all the time. Keep it interesting. Check out all the healthy food mags, grab a cook book from a friend or from the library, and visit the Lose Baby Weight recipes pages for ideas.

Give yourself non food rewards.

When setting your goals, tell yourself what will happen when you reach them. Manicures, massages, new clothes, a yoga class, new trainers – anything that makes you feel good.
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