Many mums often say to me that they eat healthily but can’t lose weight.  When they say this I always ask them to give me an example of the diet they eat as perception and reality are two very different things in health and weight loss.
Firstly, for the body to work effectively it needs over 40 nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Being healthy is about giving your cells all the right nutrition to function so that you achieve cellular balance – and this cellular balance is called homeostasis.
Most people today don’t have this which is why people gain weight or can’t lose it.  If the cells in the body aren’t given the 40 nutrients they need daily then they simply won’t work properly which leads to a poor immune system, bad digestion, poor metabolism, ageing, weight gain and ill health.  But if they are given the correct nutrition then the cells flourish and everything internally works better which means the body doesn’t store fat or toxins etc.
The mums who often think they are eating healthy are usually eating the same foods every day and a common breakfast is toast with orange juice and then pasta for lunch followed by meat, rice and vegetables for dinner.
Even though you think you aren’t eating badly and that this at first glance may be healthy, by eating the same foods and not eating that much you won’t be getting anywhere near the 40 nutrients needed daily which means you cells won’t be working and your metabolism will be sluggish. Having white toast for breakfast everyday is just pumping your body full of carbohydrates and not giving it much nutrients-and most commercial orange juice is loaded with sugar – it is much better to eat a whole orange.
In contrast if you had a weight loss meal replacement such as a smoothie with nutritional shake in (from the Lose Baby Weight Plans) then your body would be getting all the nutrients it needed in one hit and be 100%  healthier and would start to work so much better – as well as having your metabolism increased.
The same goes with lunch and dinner – white pasta and white rice is not good for our bodies but people commonly think eating it is healthy but it is devoid of any nutrition and doesn’t help weight loss at all.  Most mums who question their ‘healthy diet’ also say they don’t snack and don’t understand why they are not losing weight.  I explain to them that snacking – providing it is good high protein snacks – is infact really good for weight loss as it helps boost the metabolism and stabalise blood sugar and is proven in help in weight loss.
So by making simple changes like swapping white breads, rice and pastas for wholegrain varieties and eating a varied diet with lots of different nutrients you can look and feel a lot better very quickly as well as shed your baby weight.
And if getting all the nutrients in each meal is hard (it certainly is for me with a little baby to look after!) then the Lose Baby Weight smoothies are a great way to have a great breakfast and lunch, get all the nutrients you need and lose weight.
Also, by eating little and often the metabolism fires up which increases weight loss – so by having two  smoothies a day plus a main meal and healthy snacks in between, your body will start working more often to digest the food which means it also burns more calories during the day – key to weight loss.  And the more lean protein you have the harder the metabolism works which helps weight loss.
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