If you follow a healthy eating diet plan and exercise to lose weight with the Lose Baby Weight plans then you’re on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. But as every busy mum knows it can sometimes be hard to find time to fit a workout in throughout the day.
You will be happy to know that you do not have to do a big workout to get the benefits, moving your body more here and there can do wonders!
Here are some helpful tips to squeeze in some fitness throughout the day.
exercises to lose weight, lose baby weight

1) Marching steps

Try marching while you walk around the house kind of like a soldier. I usually do this while I’m walking around grabbing all the toys and dirty laundry and also while I’m folding the washing. You can basically do marching steps everywhere when you think about it. I aim to do 1000 for the day and you will be surprised on how fast that adds up! Give it a go!

 2) Squats

When picking up toys and dirty laundry or even hanging out the washing or brushing your teeth try squatting, I usually do a wide squat and squeeze my glutes on the way up. You can easily do up to 100 or even 200 for the day and you will definitely feel it the next day! Remember to push all your weight through your heels.
exercises to lose weight, lose baby weight

3) Half calf raises

Standing on your tippy toes and raising up and down. You can do this waiting in line, cooking dinner or washing up.

4) Posture

Throughout the day concentrate on your posture standing up straight and holding your stomach in. See how long you can do it. I try and hold my stomach in while I’m washing up, its a great challenge.

Busy mums

 5) Spare 2 minutes?

If you have a spare 2 mins while the jug’s boiling why don’t you try doing a wall sit. Like sitting on an invisible chair with your back against the wall or even get down low and do a plank, 30secs is good.
exercises to lose weight, lose baby weight

6) No hands

When getting up off the couch or chair, try and use no hands and use your glutes and core to get up.

 7) Lunges

Same with the squats above when picking up things or hanging out the washing do a lunge on alternate legs.

8) No Sitting

This is a real challenge, try and not sit for the whole day besides sitting in the car, distract yourself with chores or play a game with the kids outside. You will be exhausted by the end of the day!

9) Walk

Trying walking to the shops, school or work if it is close by or parking far away and walking.

10) Sitting leg raises

If you find yourself sitting for a while and can’t move try raising your legs, one or both at a time.

11) Healthy Mummy DVD

The Healthy Mummy DVD is great if you have a spare 10-15mins, I pop my dvd on while the kids are eating breakfast or lunch.
During the day think active thoughts and you will be squeezing it in everywhere – plus of course join the Winter Weight Loss Challenge which is going to be awesome with the daily exercise plan you can do at home in 28 minutes a day!!
Tasheena Snow xx
Tasheena has lost 39kg on our weight loss plans and you can read her most recent update here

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