Is this the year that you’ve decided to change your life? Do you want to kick your old unhealthy habits out of your life for good?
Are you finally ready to shed the kilos? Now is the time – 2013 is the year that you can become the healthy person that you’ve always wanted to be and the Lose Baby Weight Plans can help you.
To give you inspiration and to help keep you motivated, we’ve come up with 10 healthy eating and weight loss pledges for you to make to yourself in 2013. (Don’t forget to look at the weight loss results from mums on our plans to help you stay on track too)

I Will Change One Thing at a Time

Many people try to lose weight by changing everything all at once – eating habits, lifestyle habits, gym habits and exercise habits. This can make it incredibly difficult to actually lose weight, as if you try to change too many things at once, it can be very overwhelming and a little bewildering. Instead, change things one at a time – make food switches, lower your calorie count and add exercise into your regime.

I Will Walk for At Least Half an Hour a Day

Walking is a super duper exercise – it can tone your calves, thighs and buttocks, it burns calories, helps to improve heart health and prevent many, many diseases including certain types of cancers and liver disease and it also makes you happier. Walking for just half an hour each day can help you to lose even more weight, but most importantly, it will make you feel great.

I Will Enjoy Treats

It’s important to include treats in your eating plan when you’re trying to lose weight. If you have no treats and you don’t eat any of the foods you love, it’s easy to become very resentful about your eating plan. Including treats – and making the most of them when you do enjoy them – means that you’ll be more likely to stick to your eating plan in the long-term, and it will also be much more enjoyable.

I Will Respect My Body

When you’re having a bad day or you’re feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up, remember what your body does for you every day. It enables you to breathe, walk, talk, think – it enables you to be you. Respect your body and don’t punish it through starving it or through overeating when you have a bad day.

I Will Drink Lots of Water

Hydrate your body daily by drinking plenty of water. Water is zero calories – so it’s perfect for dieters. It’s also important that you learn to recognise thirst, instead of mistaking it for hunger – so that you satiate it with water, rather than food. Hydrating your body will also make exercise easier. Make water more interesting by serving it with ice and a slice of lemon or lime.

I Will Nourish My Body

Remember that weight loss and healthy eating is about more than the numbers going down on the scale. It’s about nourishing your body – making sure that you are as healthy as you can be. Take in a wide range of vitamins and nutrients through your diet – The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is great for this – and by eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, calcium, protein, complex carbohydrates, you will feel healthier and stronger – and as a by-product of that, you’ll lose weight.

I Will Enjoy Food

When dieting, people have a tendency to fall out of love with food – they view diet food as something to be tolerated until they reach their goal weight. Thinking this way means that you’ll go back to eating “normally” when you reach your goal weight – which will cause you to put the weight back on. Make diet food interesting – top a thick vegetable soup with a drizzle of non-fat yoghurt and a sprinkle of low-fat cheddar cheese. Use punchy, bold flavours in your cooking to brighten up your dishes – things like olives, capers, lean smoked bacon, garlic, chilli and paprika are full of flavour but are low in calories.

I Will Weigh Myself Once a Week

Track your weight loss by having a weigh-in once a week on the same day, at the same time. But never, ever, ever weigh yourself more than this. You weight can fluctuate by up to a whole kilogram each day because of things like water retention, the time of the day and the time of the month, and weighing yourself every day can cause you to obsess over your weight. Weigh-in once a week and once a week only.

I Will Ignore the Scale if the Numbers are Wrong and Look at My Inch Loss Instead

If the numbers on the scale go up one week, despite you trying your absolute hardest, ignore them. Don’t let those numbers get you down. Reach for the tape measure and take your measurements. It’s very, very likely that they will have gone down. Sometimes, your weight distribution can go a bit haywire, but you will have actually gotten a little bit smaller. Measure yourself at least once every two months – it’s a great boost to your self-confidence to see the numbers going down.

I Will Love Myself

Whatever your weight, to be truly happy you need to love yourself. You need to embrace your body – even with all of its flaws. Remember that you are beautiful, and if you struggle to love your whole body, focus on one small aspect of yourself that you do love. That might be your eyes, your hands or even your heart and personality. Find something about yourself that you love and focus on it. You’ll become more confident and that confidence will shine through in everything that you do.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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