healthy_eatingNow that the Eat Move Lose Challenge has launched, you may be feeling quite motivated to get in the swing of weight loss.
If you’ve cleared the house of junk and stocked up on healthy eating food, you’re on the right track.
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Today we have 10 quick things that you can do from today that will all help you reach your pregnancy weight loss goals in 2014.

Enjoy a treat once a week, not every day

The Lose Baby Weight plans are not about deprivation – it’s just not possible to say you will never have a treat again.
But if you are finding that you are enjoying a treat every day (or even more than once per day) it could be something that you can easily change in order to see results.
Set a day that you will enjoy a treat, and make it something that you will look forward to.

Have a glass of wine, but not on a weeknight

Similarly to treats, having a drink to unwind at night time can become a habit that you take part in every night.
Over time these empty calories really do add up, and so cutting back your alcohol intake is a great way to reduce your total calories for the day. For more info on the calories in popular drinks, check out our Calorie Bible here.

Reduce the amount of bread you are consuming

If you are having toast for breakfast and a sandwich at lunch time, it isn’t hard to find yourself consuming four or more slices of bread a day.
Why not switch the bread for cereal, porridge or a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast? For lunch, try a wrap, some rice cakes, or bulk out your meal into a healthy salad with some fresh baby spinach and home made dressing.
This will cut your calories significantly and can help with the stomach bloat that many of us experience from eating excessive carbohydrates.

Carry an apple or mandarin in your bag at all times

There is nothing like hunger to turn you into a cake-seeking missile. And so planning ahead is key – by keeping some fruit in your bag you know you can always grab it as soon as the rumble strikes. That’s if your kids don’t eat it first…

Carry naturally flavoured plain water to sip throughout the day

Water is a great way to keep hydrated, flush out your system, and you’re your body in top gear for energy throughout the day.
If you find plain water a little dull, try flavouring it. We love adding thinly sliced cucumber and mint leaves; some sliced oranges, lemons or limes; or even a cup of chilled herbal tea thrown in with your water can really help to quench your thirst.

Say ‘no more’ to your child’s leftover food

Are you guilty of picking at the leftover sandwiches, biscuits, or dried fruit from your child’s meals or snacks?
All of those extra calories add up across the day, and it’s important to be accountable for everything that you put in your mouth.
Eat only when you are really hungry, and be sure that it is from the healthy meal plan that you have set out for yourself.

Avoid any specific triggers that lead to poor food choices

If you find yourself reaching for a muffin every time you walk to the café, or grab a chocolate bar every time you fill up with petrol – it’s time to change the routine and break the habit.
Why not bake your own healthy treats to pop in your bag before you get your morning caffeine fix; or chew some gum whenever you fill up the car so that you aren’t tempted to get a chocolate bar (they seem innocent enough but did you know that a Bounty Bar has more calories than a Cheeseburger?).

Put a Healthy Mummy Smoothie on the menu once per day

Mornings are tough. Take the guesswork out of what to have for breakfast each day by committing to a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast each morning.
All you need to do is make sure you have your milk of choice on hand, and some fresh or frozen fruits to flavour it to your liking.
We have so many smoothie recipes you could try something new every day. They’re packed with nutritious ingredients and also support breastfeeding.

Set aside the time for some exercise

It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise, but putting yourself on the priority list is important if you want to shift kilos.
Something as simple as a walk or a segment from our Exercise DVD helps to burn calories and fat while you also take some time out for yourself.

Spend time treating yourself after dinner

So many of us suffer from the post-dinner snack attack, where we undo all of our hard work from the day by eating chocolate or chips in front of the TV.
If boredom or just bad habit is the issue, begin to address it by setting aside time for a new hobby or activity after the kids have gone to bed (that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch watching TV).
You could do some drawing, call a friend for a chat, paint your toenails, have a soak in the bath, go for a walk (on your own! Without a nappy bag!), do a segment or two from our Exercise DVD, or just spend some time meditating.
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