If you and your baby are on the fun (and messy) journey of trying solid foods, you would of course want to be giving them the best start possible.
It’s a great idea to offer your baby a wide variety of healthy foods in order to help develop good eating habits down the track.
And the best part is, you probably have most of them to hand already if you are following our healthy eating plans in order to lose pregnancy weight.
Here are ten of our favourite ideas for little ones that get the tick of approval from our nutritionists:

1. Blueberries

  • babies often see these as a sweet treat, so keep them on hand for after their savoury course, or mash and mix into their rice cereal
  • use breastmilk or formula as a base and add blueberries and bananas, blend and then freeze in ice block moulds for a hand-held dessert

2. Oats

  • you can make plain porridge for your baby with water or milk, and then flavour it with pureed berries or mashed banana
  • try savoury porridge by mixing cooked oats with pureed pumpkin and zucchini

3. Strawberries

  • sliced thinly, strawberries are a great finger food
  • for older babies, mix pureed strawberries with yoghurt for a healthy sweet course

4. Sweet potato

  • why not use a crinkle cutter to make wedges, by drizzling with olive oil and baking in a hot oven until crisp
  • Use your slow cooker to make super soft casseroles for your little one, then just puree with a stick blender (or mash with a fork for older bubs)

5. Banana

  • the perfect food to have in your nappy bag to eat when you’re away from home
  • when the weather is warm, freeze banana (cut into fingers) to enjoy like an ice cream

healthy_eating6. Pumpkin

  • pureed pumpkin freezes really well in ice cube trays, then just defrost what you need for their meal
  • sweeten it up even more by mixing with pureed apple

7. Melon

  • Remove all the seeds from watermelon and chop into big chunks for bub to gnaw on
  • Freeze chunks of rockmelon to give teething babies in a mesh food net to soothe their sore gums

8. Avocado

  • many babies love avocado smeared onto some toast fingers
  • mix with some banana and cinnamon, then freeze in ice cube trays for baby to nibble on to relieve sore gums

9. Apple

  • Steam chunks of apple for baby to hold, or puree them until super smooth with a little cinnamon
  • Add cooked and pureed apple to any vegetable to sweeten a savoury dish, such as zucchini or carrot

10. Broccoli

  • a great hand-held option for babies, just lightly steam first so that their gums can chew it
  • add cooked broccoli to casseroles just before blending

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